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complicated family life...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon1369, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Sorry this is going to be a bit of a moan but I am so annoyed and just need to vent.
    I have younger half-siblings and I asked stepmum last week if I could take them out. Of course there was no reply so I left it. I have asked on many occasions and either get told no or ignored.
    I have a friend who was working for stepmum for a short time and of course they became like best friends. I get texts off her on a regular basis to say that she is minding my siblings if I want to join her which annoys me no end but is another story.
    Said friend has just informed me that she is having tea in my dads tonight and I should go down. Stepmum clearly knows how to contact me and so obviously I am not wanted there or I would have got an invite myself.
    I regularly find out things from my friend that I haven't been told - like when they went to visit stepmums family over xmas they were infact going on holiday - I really don't understand the point in lying to me about this! Especially when I was asked to mind the house.
    To be honest I just find the whole situation odd. I rarely see my siblings and when I try to see them I am pushed away. I dislike stepmum and when I see her she either ignores me or makes snide comments. My friend however thinks the sun shines out of her **** and says that she is like 'their surrogate daughter' - nice! What makes it worse is that I work with my dad and see him all the time yet I am never asked to go down etc.
    I don't think my friend understands the family politics and tells me I should make more of an effort. Obviously her perception is biased based on the fact she loves my stepmum and in her eyes she can do no wrong. It has only been as I have got older that we dont get along but I have never made it an issue I just get on with it but she took it one step too far last year and I saw what a truly nasty person she was.
    Why does family life have to be so complicated?

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