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Compliance Officer

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by Newfiemum, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Newfiemum

    Newfiemum New commenter

    Hi All,

    How many of you have a 'Compliance Officer' in school and what are they doing? Looking at whether it is something that will naturally fall on a member of SLT with responsibility for inspections and policies or whether it is a tick box admin job.

    Also - if anyone does have a compliance officer in place, is there a master list of things we should comply with? Of course, its all the Health and Safety issues etc which I need to get a definitive list for - well, as definitive as a list can ever be in education!

  2. ablench

    ablench New commenter

    Hi. I have been a School Business Manager for 10 years in secondary education. I have always seen compliance to be a senior team responsibility with each member of the SLT having responsibility for ensuring that their areas of responsibility complies with the law of the land and DfE regs etc. So for example the Assistant Head - Student Welfare would ensure that the school complies with the Prevent requirements and so on. Having said that a good SBM will take a lead in a number of areas of compliance e.g. H&S, Data, and will work with SLT and governors to ensure that a school is compliant in all areas. I have never come across a role with the title 'Compliance Officer' in a school. I have in industry and usually there is a defined job description which goes with the title. I am assuming that you have been handed this unenviable task? If you want any assistance please drop me a line. andrewblench@talktalk.net . Good luck!

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