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Complex learning difficulties and The Big Write

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by mrstiggywinkle123, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. mrstiggywinkle123

    mrstiggywinkle123 New commenter

    Has anyone used The Big Write in special school or an SLD unit? We've got a big push in our school to do this, I want to be positive but I don't think that the children are at the developmental level to be able to engage in VCOP activities. I've got two emerging writers and the rest are just not ready for it. I really want to give it my best shot!!! I will use Communicate in print and props to help them write stories and letters as a group but any other ideas will be welcomed.
  2. Have the same problem ahead as we are going in for Big Write after half term. I have SLD/complex needs children and some of them will get so very little from the method proposed. Not sure yet if it can be adapted in any way to suit them???
    Let me know if you get any inspiration.
  3. dzil

    dzil Occasional commenter

    Hi, No real ideas on The Big Write, but you mention communicate in print... have you got Sym Writer? Same symbols same company but sym writer is designed to help pupils write whereas communicate in print seems to be designed to support teachers making paper based materials for symbol users. I use both. Sym has girds (trays) that you can easily adapt for your pupils needs. Pupils can then click on whole words and symbols in order to write sentences, full stories or answer questions ,with or without symbol, independently.
  4. mrstiggywinkle123

    mrstiggywinkle123 New commenter

    That sounds really good. I will have a look at that. I had my first "Big Write" (ish) session last week where the children selected resources to have in their story and supporting story openers and connectives. My TA scribed the story then we put it into Communicate in Print and the children all took a copy of the story home with them.

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