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Complete the last phrase... In which ever way that you want to (Funny or traditional)

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Hugh-Jarce, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Shut up!!! Right????? You will not get pregnant if you............
  2. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    use any kind of birth control including abstention from sex.
    What's the point...
  3. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    of a chap going to a fancy dress ball wearing only a pink ribbon down below and claiming he's IT meaning he's the fancy dress ball?
    Christmas is coming>>>
  4. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    meaning an awful lot of people will be seriously pi**ed off

    Why...baby, baby why, oh why..............
  5. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    .......are we stuck in this dirty old stable with Joseph telling me over and over he knew we'd never get a room at Christmas without pre-booking.

    Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of >>>
  6. this thinkin' about all the marking you've got to do over the holiday.....
    I saw the light on the night that I...

  7. ...wacked my head on the pavement - I also saw lots of stars and heard birds singing.

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary...

  8. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    to all expectations passed all her GCSEs with A stars!
    Good King Wenceslas looked>>>
  9. out of the window and when he saw all of the snow, said "sod Stephen's feast, I'm going back to bed for the day".
    Silent night.....
  10. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    >>> no rotten, raucous, tuneless carol singers. Hooray!
    Happy New >>>
  11. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    waistline!! and it only took five days of mince pies to get it...........in the unlikely event of the plane having to make an emergency landing.....
  12. do your make up quick, as you might be in the next episode of "Lost".
    How many teachers does it take to......

  13. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    to eat all the nice choclates in the staff room
    if in doubt pull the emergancy cord .....
  14. smash the fire alarm glass and blame a student.
    Stand well back...
  15. I'm about to fart.
    If in doubt...
  16. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    >>>give the cue ball a clout!
    Hickory, dickory, dock>>>
  17. chicory, snickery pock...now what other ingredients do I need in this potion, ' cackled the wicked witch of the north.
    *Happy New Year@markuss* :)
    Let me take you by the hand and...
  18. lead you to the promised land of rarely cover, no admin duties, no break duties, higher wages, more appreciation, where money grows on trees and pigs fly.
    How many politicians does it take to...

  19. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    ...save us from global warming? None at all. Without them there'd be so much less hot air.
    (Happy New Year to you,too, Mrs fl!)
    When I woke up, my big toe was missing. There was a note on the bed. It said, ">>>
  20. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    The school is closed due to snow.............................Now, where did I put my.....

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