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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Rosieett, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. HadleyDuffs

    HadleyDuffs New commenter

    Hi, I went through this in September, at first I felt like not going in but then I decided to fight it. I had never had a unsatisfactory lesson. I got put on 'informal' capability, and boy did I put up a fight. I planned and prepared and watched other teachers and jumped through all the hoops. I got through it, but not without the help of my union and the support of a few close colleagues. I had also been observed by ofsted and had obtained good feedback. I then decided to write to ofsted to get a copy of my actual feedback, which you are able to obtain. I was delighted when I got a copy of the inspectors reports with a solid good!!! I showed the school and I was told, "well thats just 25 mins of one lesson"!!! I smiled sweetly, held my head high and carried on, it just seems that there is a new breed of young ambitious heads, who have their own thoughts about who should teach in their schools. At my school to fit the bill you need to be very young, and be prepared to worship the SLT team. Happy days, you are better than this, try to keep calm and hold your head up high. Get a copy of your lesson feedback and grading from ofsted and take that with you to your next school. Good luck
  2. Hi, I was told on the last day of term too! Struggling to enjoy a break and have contacted OFSTED for my feedback and have a strong union rep on side. Hearing when I get back wonder what that will throw at me? Any advice to a good teacher who had one unsatisfactory obs and is now in this mess, thanks

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