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comparing book to film for year 1/2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by srimmer76, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Hi
    We are having a book week next week and need to chose a book that has been made into a film to compare and review etc.
    I teach yer 1/2 and am struggling to find anything that is U certificated and has a short enough book to read to the children too.
    I don't want Roald Dahl as we cover his work in a later literacy unit in a different term.
  2. ...sorry - typo - - -year 1/2!
  3. Jen g

    Jen g New commenter

    I am currentlydoing a unit of work on lost and found by oliver jeffers. It is a lovely story. We watched the film first and completed though boxes and role on a role and then read the book and compared what happened in the book to the film. The children are now applying the principles to write their own lost and found story using the pie corbett imitate, innovate and invent theories. The children are loving it
  4. char2505

    char2505 New commenter

    Not sure what certificate the film is, but know there was a film released of 'Where the Wild Things Are' a coupleof years back. Or how about a fairytale -Jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood...
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    The Gruffalo should be available somewhere.
  6. velma_kelly

    velma_kelly New commenter

    I know the Gruffalo was on the BBC iplayer a couple of years back because I remember watching it! So you might be able to buy/download that from somewhere...?

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