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Comparing assessment data

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by lloyd829, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. I work in a small private school for boys with Emotional Social and Behaviour difficulties and am in charge of the assessment systems. We currently run a number of different courses and qualifications such as GCSE, BTEC and ASDAN courses (whichever courses suit the ability of our pupils.) We have seperate tracking systems in place for NC levels, BTEC data and ASDAN data. The BTEC and ASDAN data we have made a system for ourselves. I have a problem though in that I can't find a way of comparing data from our school with others of the same kind. I know of CASPA but this system will only compare NC data. As lots of our pupils do other things we have no way of comparing. Does anyone know of any system out there or any ideas?

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