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Community site bugs

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by TES_Rosaline, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Resource_Creator

    Resource_Creator New commenter

    Ok, thanks for explaining that. Cheers :)
  2. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

  3. grumbledook

    grumbledook New commenter

    I'm a recent returner to TES Forums (been a member since 2005 according to my profile) but I apparently have made no postings ... when I have quite a few to my name. Is this a bug or just that any posts over a certain age are not allocated to me?
  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Hello @grumbledook When I look at your profile page - activity - I can see 13 messages to your name.

    I think the counter on your pop-up profile did reset when the site was revamped, but your messages in the forums are not lost.

  5. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you @marlin for responding to Grumbledook's query.
    marlin likes this.
  6. cycomiz

    cycomiz New commenter

    Yes we will.. This is so helpful to everyone. Thank you
  7. Docendo

    Docendo New commenter

    Has the issue with the search bar been mentioned? I type a search term in, press enter (or even click on the magnifying glass), which takes me to the advanced search page where I have to type my search terms in again.
  8. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @Docendo,

    Have you used the 'Search forums' tab in the top sub-navigation bar:


    The Search page will open. The default setting is Search Everything. Fill in the details and you click the 'Search' button:


    You can find the search page here: https://community.tes.com/search/

    I hope that helps.
  9. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    The problem seems to be with the search function at the top of the screen @TES_Rosaline


    It seems to serve no function. Choosing 'Jobs' from the drop down menu and entering a term just takes one to the forum search, rather than to the Jobs section.
  10. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @marlin, the search box (with the magnifying glass) in the top main navigation bar is a fixed feature across all channels on the website.

    However, I will pass on your comment to the dev team.
    marlin likes this.
  11. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Thank you @TES_Rosaline

    I see what you mean - if you are in Jobs, then that top menu search tool is automatically set to Jobs and so on for the other sections. I hadn't realised that.
  12. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    You're welcome @marlin.

    The forum platform has it's own search feature which is why the main website search facility is not required for the Community site.
    marlin likes this.
  13. Docendo

    Docendo New commenter

    I'm glad to see that the bug is being passed onto the dev team, thanks.
  14. AshgarMary

    AshgarMary New commenter

    Following a comment elsewhere, I was wondering why it says I'm a New Commenter when I have been posting on here since 2010?
  15. joshuajsbabe

    joshuajsbabe New commenter

    I have just spent a great deal of time filling in your careers profile in order that the fields are pre-filled for the 'quick apply' option on your job posts.
    However, after saving my profile numerous times and checking that it has been saved via incognito webpages, when I click on 'quick apply' for a job all of the fields apart from my first name remain BLANK.
  16. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @joshuajsbabe,

    Sorry that you have experienced a problem using the career profile system. Have you logged the issue with the Customer Services Team? Please can you email help@tes.com. In the meantime, I will pass on your comments to my colleagues to investigate. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please bear with us while we try to resolve the issue.
  17. rshirsagar5

    rshirsagar5 New commenter

    I really agree with @guinnesspuss , cause some of the time I cant find the forums. There is problem in search result also.
  18. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @rshirsagar5,

    Thank you for your feedback. Please can you be a bit more specific. You said that you can't find the forums, is there a specific forum that you are looking for and can't find via search? Or is it a problem with the search feature?
  19. 2Windows

    2Windows New commenter

    Not sure the site saves my preference to display my nickname instead of real name...

    TES_Rosaline can smith be done about it? thx.
  20. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @2Windows,

    I'll see if my colleagues can see what the problem is. If the situation changes please can you let me know?

    Thank you.

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