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Community Language GCSEs

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by jfhealy, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. jfhealy

    jfhealy New commenter

    Dear all

    I have a bit of a conundrum here. There are some students at my school who wish to complete their community language GCSE - Portuguese, Italian and one in German, and we need someone to internally assess their speaking controlled assessment (AQA). We only teach French and Spanish at my school and none of my colleagues nor I have any links to other schools.

    Has anyone been in this situation before? I'm not sure how I am supposed to find teachers who can examine and assess these students?

    Many thanks.
  2. bishoph

    bishoph New commenter

    You do not have to be a teacher in order to conduct the CA. At my school we have a large number of pupils taking a variety of community languages and have done so with the help of colleagues at school who are native speakers of the relevant languages. Last year, the MFL admin assistant conducted the Italian speaking exams and an RE teacher did the ones that we had for Arabic. Although we ideally would like the expertise of MFL teachers in conducting speaking exams, using other members of staff does enable you to examine these students. This does need to be done with very close guidance and supervision so that the person conducting the CA is reasonably confident about what they are doing.

    In terms of assessment of the CA, we do this in pairs with a member of the MFL staff going through the mark scheme with the person who has conducted the assessment. With appropriate questioning about key language/structures/grammar etc. you would expect to find in a CA, the mark is come to by mutual agreement. If you have pupils taking community languages, then I would expect them to be quite competent anyway, so you are probably looking at the higher grades. Hope this answer is helpful.
  3. jfhealy

    jfhealy New commenter

    Thanks for your helpful response! It's a lot clearer now. :)

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