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Community created worksheets

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by georgelenton, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. georgelenton

    georgelenton New commenter

    I'm wondering about peoples thoughts re having community created worksheets, free, open source and maintained by the online community.

    I don't have much of a feel for whether or not this is something that would work or not, or whether people would be interested in contributing towards this type of project.

    Whether or not this is interesting depends on whether or not creating good quality worksheets and resources is something that's a bit of a current pain point for teachers I guess (and being able to easily modify them).

    I understand that there are resources available here and there - but they all seem to be static. There's not a way of discussing the resources (at the source of the resources) or easily modifying them. Furthermore, there's no easy way of adding additional BACK to content to the resources. Which is the main part of community collaboration.

    This is something that I've been considering so I'm opening this up for discussion to see if there's any interest for it, I'm not a working teacher.
  2. georgelenton

    georgelenton New commenter

    Also note that my posts have to have moderation approval, so responses might be a bit slow coming through from me.

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