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Communication and Culture A2 Resources Needed

Discussion in 'English' started by sdrew17, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. sdrew17

    sdrew17 New commenter

    The English Department in my new school has given me the task of teaching A2 Communication and Culture but unfortunately they don't have any schemes of work.

    Is there anybody out there who would be willing to share their resources with me so that I do not have to reinvent the wheel?
  2. thethiefoftime

    thethiefoftime Occasional commenter

    @sdrew17 Please send me a PM to tell me what you're teaching and I'll send you some resources
  3. sdrew17

    sdrew17 New commenter

    Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm teaching post-modernism this term. Any resources would be welcome.
  4. thethiefoftime

    thethiefoftime Occasional commenter

    If you check your personal messages (they call them 'Conversations' on TES) , you'll see I've sent you my email address. Please get in touch via this email and it will remind me to forward the resources to you when I get to work!
  5. thethiefoftime

    thethiefoftime Occasional commenter

    @sdrew17 Did you receive the resources I sent by email?

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