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Commotion in the Ocean book and powerpoint

Discussion in 'Primary' started by madphil, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Nutty says 'Please!!!'
  2. Done this again. Left my book at school and wondered if anyone might have something on powerpoint etc... that I could have a copy of.
  3. Sorry, can't help but this book always makes me laugh as the staff at Eureka in Halifax have read it to my children a couple of times and pronounce it "Commertion in the ercean." That's what I always call it now.
  4. Lol! I wanted some of the poems to put on a flipchart with some of the images as children are going to be writing their own poems this week to go with the story.
  5. Hiya Nutty, I am too late?? Don;t ahve on powerpoint but can type some out for you now just let me know which ones xx
  6. No, not too late. Dolphin, stingray, crab, shark, turtle, really any of them! It would be really helpful.
  7. Hiya,

    Just about you to email you with some pics that I have scanned in (will break them down as didn't send last time as too big). Also typed up the poems for these animals so at least you have some for your powerpoint - not all but there are 8 - crab, turtles, dolphins, jellyfish, swordfish, stingray, walruses and polar bears.

    Hope this is ok - if you need any more I have my book here!


  8. Great minds! Just read yours after typing others and the only one not done is shark - here it is although no pic

    I swim with a grin up to greet you
    See how my jaws open wide,
    Why don't you come a bit closer?
    Please, take a look inside..

  9. Huge thanks for this!!!!!! Appreciate it. Completely forgot that I needed the book this weekend.
  10. No worries, I ma really soryr It is getting late - having trouble sending the pics - i have copied each one into a separate doc and made smaller, compressed it adn made into a flipchart and still won;t send - will try to uplaod to resource bank!

  11. No probs and thanks for trying.
  12. whoo hoo!!! Finally managed to send them to you! Converted them to jpegs (don't know why I didn't think of it earlier but OH came to the rescue!)

    Tried to upload to resource bank too but was too big!

    Have fun and enjoy!


    ps sorry for the typos - trying to get things done in a rush!
  13. You are a star thank you!! And thank your OH for me!
  14. no worries, will do! He will be chuffed he got a thanks! Just glad we got there in the end!


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