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Commonwealth Teacher Exchange - Australia/Canada

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by CYECUK, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Commonwealth Teacher Exchange Programme 2012 ? 13
    Second Round of Recruitment - Deadline 30th March 2011

    Are you a UK teacher looking for professional and personal development? Interested in a post-to-post exchange with Canada or Australia?

    CYEC can help make this happen!!

    We are pleased announce the second round of recruitment for the Commonwealth Teacher Exchange Programme (CTEP). This programme is a great opportunity for teachers to develop professionally and personally by experiencing life in another education system and culture. This year the two countries on the programme are Australia and Canada.
    The Commonwealth Teacher Exchange programme has been running for 100 years, initiated by the League for the Exchange of Commonwealth Teachers (LECT). It is now being managed by Xchange Partners, an arm of the Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council, an education and developmenl charity and Commonwealth Association. The CTEP, as adminstered by CYEC, is officially recognised by the UK Government for allocation of Tier 5 visas to enable exchange counterparts to work in UK, and similar arrangements exist for UK teachers to obtain visas to work in Canada and Australia on a post-to-post exchange basis. CYEC has a co-management partnership with most of the state/province education jurisdictions, or their agents, in Canada and Australia in order to run this professional interchange programme.

    Eligibility Criteria: You need to

    ? have a minimum of five years teaching experience, inclusive of the probationary teaching year. and be registered with the GTC
    ? hold QTS / a degree plus PGCE certificate / BEd
    ? be able to demonstrate the professional, academic and legal requirements set by the host education jurisdiction
    ? have an excellent professional record backed up by full references
    ? be prepared to adapt to varied teaching context and potentially challenging situations
    ? commit to making the exchange year a success and bringing your learning back to your institution
    ? commit to the full agreed exchange period (normally one year, but shorter periods can be negotiated)
    ? provide suitable accommodation for your exchange partner, usually your own home, although alternative rented accommodation may be arranged. Both participants must have sole occupancy of accommodation

    If you are interested in the programme please read the Guidance Notes (below) carefully; these give you detailed information about the programme, the eligibility criteria and fees payable for arrangement of the exchange.
    SECOND ROUND RECRUITMENT DEADLINE: Friday 30th March 2012 for 2012/13 academic years
    N.B. We currently have a high number of Australian Art/Music/Drama teachers looking for an exchange with the UK, so applications are particularly welcome in these areas.

    However, we are currently over-subscribed for UK P.E. teachers, so cannot guarantee matches for these candidates this year.

    If your interest is for 2013/14 (Canadian academic year from August 2013, Australian academic year from January 2014), we encourage you to log your interest with us as early as possible to help with the matching process.
    We unfortunately will not be able to accept applications from teachers in schools in special measures, or in schools about to go into special measures.
    If you have any questions regarding the programme and want to apply please contact:
    Ival Cummings-John, Exchanges Officer ival@cyec.org.uk
  2. please contact: Ival Cummings-John, Exchanges Officer ival@cyec.org.uk for more details

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