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Common Entrance Geography Coursework

Discussion in 'Geography' started by Little_Miss_H, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have just accepted a post as a Geography teacher in an independent school in London. I'm really excited but I've been asked to come in next week and talk about plans for the coursework trip, I haven't ever actually had anything to do with the coursework part as the head of Geography pretty much did everything in my previous school.
    Can anyone give me some pointers about what sort of trip the kids should be going on and what sort of structure I should put in place? Should I be planning the enquiry for the kids or should they be choosing a question to investigate? any advice would be appreciated I'd like to look like I know something!
    Thanks :)
  2. rdigsworth

    rdigsworth New commenter


    I am in a similar position - I've been a head of humanities in a Prep school for 6 months now (and am an NQT). I've got to begin Geog CE coursework in September.This is the CE syllabus for Geography which I found really useful:


    I do believe you choose a question for all to investigate, rather than let them choose - much less stressful :)

    All the best,Tom
  3. Just wanted to say that I work at an educational centre in Milton Keynes and I'm prepping a one-day school visit programme for KS3 geographical enquiry so thanks for the link, it means I can make sure the day offers everything it needs to!

  4. There are several ways to do this. How you set it up depends on how the school will let you take your pupils out. The most successful fieldwork trips in my experience as a HOD are those where you take a small group - a form / class - out at a time for part of a morning. Their concentration and interaction is much better and you can choose to do things that you might not wish to do with a larger group. It does limit you to your local area and might not be acceptable to the SMT.

    The advantage of a one day trip for every one is that you can go further afield, do a greater variety of activities and then the student chooses which of them they want to write up, plus you (and your collegues helping you) will only need cover for the one day. The questions need to be very carefully framed so that there are not some which are easier than others.

    I found providing one question for the whole CE group to do was easier in the setting up but could get interminably dull to mark - which if you are doing carefully, will take a long time.

    Do get involved with the senior schools your prep school feeds - go along for a visit as you will get a lot of insight into how they moderate the fieldwork (and how they mark the CE papers). There are also regular meetings of independent school geography teachers and talking to other teachers of their experiences is highly valuable.

    As to the subject matter, it is always a good idea to set fieldwork that works with your interests and strengths. My inclination is for physical geography rather than human (settlement geography I believe is now not part of the syllabus as such) because we could measure things, rather than just count.

    And keep it simple.

    Best of luck.

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