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Common entrance exams etc

Discussion in 'Independent' started by EvilAsh, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. EvilAsh

    EvilAsh Occasional commenter

    In an interview, if the school prepares children for Common entrance exams and Verbal/Non Verbal Reasoning papers, will experience in tutoring children in these come in useful for interview? I've tutored children to work towards these for years and I was wondering if teaching them in class is similar to tutoring children to pass them.
  2. jarndyce

    jarndyce Occasional commenter

    Obviously, class teaching is different from private tutoring - but as a class teacher you know this.

    Because the prep sector is a pretty small world, it's quite common to recruit 'outsiders'. Those going up to 13+ often consider and recruit from senior schools (as happened to me, earlier in my career); I've known several colleagues with state primary experience. Few 'external' applicants, therefore, will have direct experience of teaching CE.

    Though a prep school would be primarily interested in your teaching experience, tutoring for CE will have given you a good knowledge of the relevant syllabus and its requirements, and so can only be an advantage. VR and NVR experience could also be valuable.
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    I think tutoring maybe more about getting children to pass the exams.
    Teaching is more to do with teaching for the purpose of general educating.

    But experience of CE, in any capacity, would be an advantage if all else was equal between applicants.
    However no experience at all shouldn't put anyone off applying. A great teacher can learn about CE easily enough.

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