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Common Entrance 2011

Discussion in 'Independent' started by trinity0097, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Because it seems to vary so much depending on school as to what grade they award to what percentage, e.g. 60% may be a C to one school, and to another an A!!!
    I teach in a prep school (first year after moving from a state school), for all the children whose CE papers we mark the head decides on levels after seeing our percentages, he has a rough idea of how similar schools would grade.

    The person I took over from, who was Head of Maths as well as the academic deputy head suggested to me that in the Level 1 Maths paper you bump up the percentages by 5%, e.g. if 50% was a C then it becomes 55% to get a C, and on the Level 3 to reduce by 5%, so if 75% was an A make it 70%.
  2. NickiP

    NickiP New commenter

    Do you find a 5% + or - is a fair enough adjustment? From previous experience I have fond that the marks from students
    that sit the Level 2 paper are very different from what they would have got on the Level 2?
  3. NickiP

    NickiP New commenter

    Let's try that again..... Do you think + - 5% is a fair enough adjustment? I have found that the scores from students sitting Level 3 are very different from what the would have got on the Level 2.
  4. I agree - sometimes there can be a 10% to 20% change. I have found an average drop by 14% in marks for the year 7s who move to level 3...

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