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Commemorative item...ideas please !!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by simpsonsinsydney, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Have a look on one of the corporate gift sites they have loads of things that can have a logo/dates put on them. Something like a metal key chain - a limited edition unique piece?? Some kids in Australia hang that sort of thing off their bags and older children could use them for keys. Picture frame with inscription for picture of them and their school mates?
    As far as children keeping something - probably not likely - if it is good, it will be stored, if it is fun and useful it will be used and lost/broken/superseded most likely.
    If there are a reasonable number of children to buy for would the money not be better spent on something large for the children to use at school like a piece of play equipment, something for the library or hall/theatre space? Our year six kids raised about 5000 dollars this year by holding a mini fete day and they commissioned a beautiful mural of a the local Australian bush for the back wall of an outdoor learning area.
    We just had a year six leaving dance and all the children this year got a USB stick with the school logo on it and the year... they will use them everyday at high school. Another year they all got a monogrammed pen with their own names but I don't think they thought much of that.

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