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Coming out re the Foundation Stage Profile

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by debbiehep, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. https://www.tes.co.uk/section/staffroom/thread.aspx?story_...

    I am just adding this thread which is related and will one day get separated from this main thread.

    We are building up a significant thread of evidence of how people assess the observation and evidencing system to support the Foundation Stage Profiles.

    All of this will pay off because it cannot, ultimately, be swept aside.

    Every single posting describing the range of experiences we have with local authority moderators and advisers and our analysis of the necessity of all the minutiae will contribute to the debate and our strength in challenging this unreasonable fiasco.

    Please, everyone, BOTHER to note your views whatever they are.
  2. Wow!
    Just spent ages reading all of your thoughts and what powerful messages they send out.
    I have only been in teaching 4 years and am seriously considering leaving as I think my health is suffering. I spend hours (as do may of you) doing paperwork when I could be making resources to actually teach and help my children, not to mention observations and post its. I get so wound up when I know our EY advisor is coming as see will want to see my records, so i spend many more hours writing and writing up observations, when i know in my own head 'I know where these children are without all this paperwork!'
    Keep up the excellent work you have started!
  3. We can get our message across if more and more people like yourself add to our pile of evidence of 'life for the early years practitioner'.

    Thank you!
  4. Debbie please advise me,

    I have to go to moderation soon whether I like it or not. I have collected evidence but not for everything. I have various columns saying where the evidence is found - one being my professional judgement - but I know that they won't accept that. How do I respond at the moderators meeting?
  5. First of all - don't assume what the advisers' reactions will be - wait and see. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    Give yourself a stiff talking to about 'courage' - especially since you know full well how outraged so many early years practitioners are about these foundation stage profiles and the observation/evidencing regime to support the profiles.

    If the 'worst' starts to happen and you are criticised for a 'lack' of appropriate evidence (according to THEM), then take a breath or two to compose yourself and to allow yourself to think straight and think of your many TES colleagues, and calmly and professionally describe how you are confident that you will be able to complete the FSP sufficiently accurately for the end of the year assessments and that 'they' need to be aware of the growing discontent throughout the country being expressed through the TES early years forum and the Early Years Petition on the blog.

    You might also say (if this is how you feel and if it seems appropriate at the time), that you have been very stressed in terms of trying to fit all the necessary observations in to complete the profiles per child; that you have been stressed worrying about the moderating meeting; and that you are feeling very stressed to have to defend your professionalism right now.

    Of course, only say these things if they are true according to your own feelings and circumstances; if you are feeling up to it at the time; and if you feel that you would like to draw upon the many comments on the many threads on this forum to support you at the moderating meeting.

    You are, quite simply, not alone.

    As all early years practitioners face their advisers this year, we are mentally thinking of them all and thus supporting them all.

    The very advent of the petition and everyone's comments about obsessive and excessive government guidance should be sufficient to make everyone that much braver to stand up and be counted.

    Take heart (stay calm and professional) and let us know how you get on.

  6. I've found this thread fascinating and an inspiration. So much so that I have made reference to it in the latest post on my own blog: http://freetheteacher.blogspot.com/
    You people have a very tight grip on what is 'real' to EY practitioners so any suggestions/comments are welcome.
  7. I'll sign up Debbie. I have no great ideas for names but think the idea is fantastic
  8. dugh - thank you for your interest.

    I, and others, think that the Foundation Stage Profiles and the formal observation and evidencing expectation is absolutely a monster.

    We need assessment to be relevant and meaningful - not onerous and unnecessarily time-consuming - and we certainly should not be 'policed' by local authority moderators on behalf of the government.

    We would like to keep observations and records of practice (photos, pieces of annotated work) to create mementoes for the parents of the children. Having a mainly mature family myself, the bits and pieces kept of my own children, including those provided for me by my children's past teachers, are very special to me and I think this is a wonderful service to parents of the children.

    We need to keep the occasional tick-box assessment like letters/sounds known and so on.

    And we need to be able to make more general observations about the general ability and maturity of the children.

    We need to flag up any worries about the children.

    What we don't need is to have to hear/observe sufficiently robust 'pearls' from each child to formally evidence the ridiculous number of points on the FSPs.

    Also, we need to have a far more pragmatic approach to formal observation. For example, instead of having to observe with a vengeance daily, we need snapshots of the children over much larger chunks of time for record-keeping purposes and handover purposes.

    As I have commented, observation occurs as a natural part of a teacher's role virtually 100% of the time in class and should not have to be legislated for - nor policed.
  9. By the way, occasionally I go to collect my 15 month old granddaughter from her nursery.

    Every time I go and pass the little playground where toddlers tinker on tricycles, I see at least one adult carer with a clipboard in her hand.

    Would we have seen this a few years ago and can we all speculate as to how that clipboard is put to use?

    Says it all doesn't it.
  10. For some time I have had a website with the name TABSS.

    This was intended to stand for Teachers Against Bureaucracy Support Service.

    Is it too wordy though? And does this really encapsulate what we are about? I can soon get a website going under another heading.

    Strap line suggestions: - make it simple; give us space; teachers stand up for teaching; climate change for teachers; upwards evaluation rules OK; equality and liberty; respect difference; back-off big brother. (OK - I am getting carried away now!)

    Please add your suggestions.
  11. TABs - Teachers Against Bureaucracy support?

    Keeping TABS on the growing bureaucracy, on Orwellian prescription, on Advisors who abuse power, on Ofsted who make demands that go against instincts on how to engage with children, promote their well-being, help them to learn and encourage them to play.
    TABs on the contradictory advice that's dished out
    TABs on exactly what is involved in filling in all those observations
    TABS on how much support is given to Early Years teachers
    TABs on why advisers are paid 3 times as much as Early Years teachers
    TABs on whether there's a climate of questioning, challenging, debating.....
  12. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

  13. STAB - Stop Teacher Assessment Bureaucracy

    TAOOK - Teachers Against Orwellian Over-Kill

    SEYB - Stop Early Years Bureaucracy

    Any more suggestions??

  14. can i just say - that i am getting loads of presure to do observation files - and have devised a system - that allows for me to observe in the way the borough wants me to (18 stickers minimum per child per term...) And that whilst it is doable in N i don't feel it is necessary - but i am under pressure from a depressing ofsted - and being part on an ISP school - if you came into my N you would see happy children engaged and learning - but this apparently is not good enough..

    so please be sure to apply presure in the right places... the nonsense must stop - and we need to stand together...

    but let me point out as soon as your school becomes ISP or near the bottom of the heap the presure rolls on (at all levels) :(
  15. so, I'm wondering what is happening at the moment. those people who have come out of the FSP what have been the repercussions ot coming out. what needs to be done now? how do we get involved?
  16. Tinyears, we have not actually come out of the FSP as it is a statuatory process. However, we are supporting those that are able to shout out. We are supporting the blog and making a noise, albeit a whisper to start with. However, Debbie says that people who matter are beginning to listen, so through this and other threads, we must continue to voice our concerns, difficulties, thoughts and feelings.
  17. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter


    The DFES are listening.

    No wait, SHOUT louder!
  18. I don't believe there can be repurcussions because the Foundation Stage Profiles and the assessment regime is not defendable.

    I am very happy to discuss this with anyone in authority - at any level of authority - to describe and prove that it is all over-the-top, unnecessary and a logistical nonsense.

    All that is required for a start is a time-management study.

    I am looking forward to the day when someone in authority approaches me about these issues.

    If any of you people are approached, please refer them to me immediately and directly so that I can engage the advisers, politicians and inspectors about the early years issues.

    In fact, I need you to come out with me so that these people HAVE to engage with us about them.

    Please give your support to these issues for your sake and the sake of your pupils and your partners and families - and ultimate sanity.
  19. Is anyone willing to allow me to use your 'evidence' file/s to show the lunacy of all the post-its of observations please?

    This would be especially helpful if the observations have complied with a specific number as instructed by their local authority advisers.

    Who was it recently that described they had to provide a certain number of bits of evidence per child per profile point? Was it 8 pieces or something?

    Please help me to locate any postings related to 'amounts' - or contribute your postings where local authority advisers have specified 'amounts'.

    Thank you.

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