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Coming back!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by paulakimber, May 15, 2019.

  1. paulakimber

    paulakimber New commenter

    I left teaching 3 years ago due to family situation, but miss it. I'm thinking of going back, but I have lost confidence and of cause there are the new specs to get to grips with. I wonder if I can still do it. I have a Geog specialism but taught Hist and RE as well. I was also assistant head of 6th.
    Any thoughts guys?
  2. freckle06

    freckle06 Lead commenter

    Why don’t you pick up a revision guide or textbook so you can see the changes to see if it still floats your boat? Probably hard to spend time in a school for work experience. Contact a local head of dept and see if they’ll meet you?

    Good luck whatever you decide

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