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Coming back into permanent work from supply

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by misscheeseburger, May 14, 2011.

  1. misscheeseburger

    misscheeseburger New commenter

    Hope someone can advise me. I've been qualified since July 2006. Started working supply and got my first contract in Sep 2007. Then worked at the same school, with TLR 2c from Sep 2008 until Dec 2009. Since then I've been on supply rates through an agency at £100/day and am hoping to get another permanent contract for September. I'm wondering what MPS point to ask for. It will be my 5th year of teaching, but only 3rd full contract year. Any ideas?
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

  3. Hi
    I am in a very similar situation to you. I also qualified July 2006. I did supply through an agency until Sept 2007 when I got a direct contract (M1) after that term I went right through until Sept 2010 being paid by an agency (even for long term contracts, so was very frustrating at how little money I was getting!) I started Sept 2010 on M4 as the office manager worked it out and the Headteacher signed to confirm. This contract ended at Easter (secondment cover) so now I am back on supply wage. If, fingers crossed, I secure a contract for Sept 2011, I would expect to be on M5, but I also understand this would be at the discretion of the school. I don't understand where I stand legally, I just know that any part of the MPS is by far better than the £11,000 I was getting for every full year with the agency -dreadful I know. I really hope I secure a permanent position, this is getting me down now.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You were very fortunate that they worked your pay point as being M4 as they didn't have to count your agency service (and probably gave you pay progression in error).
    However, now that you have worked on M4, you should move to M5 in your next contract post from Sept 2011 as long as you were employed by your school/LA in at least 26 seoparate weeks between 1st Sept 2010 nad Easter 2011. On contract you can count weeks on apid holiday and weeks on sick leave so you should have met the 26 week qualifier for M5 in the next school year thta you have LA paid work.
  5. Jubilee - thanks for your reply. I suspected it was an error (but stayed quiet and I am going to keep all evidence to prove M4!). I was employed without any time off and paid for holidays, so really pleased to see that I will qualify for M5. Just hope now that I can secure a position. Thanks.

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