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Discussion in 'Personal' started by Joyous, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Bit of a rant coming up I'm afraid...
    I ordered a new laptop with my exam marking money, to be delivered by Comet on the morning of the 23rd July (between 8 and 12) and paid extra for delivery. No-one turned up yesterday, so phoned customer services. They informed me that it showed on their system as being out for delivery, but they could not contact the courier service directly themselves to find out more! Rang again this morning to be told that it was out for delivery and it would be with me between 8am and 6pm (like I don't have other better things to be doing on a lovely day like today!). It still has not shown up and I'm starting to fume. The most frustrating/annoying thing is Comet have £450 of my money and cannot tell me where my laptop is! [​IMG]
  2. Phone them up and very politely tell them that you have been seriously inconvenienced by the non arrival of you laptop, and ask them what they plan to do to recompense you.
  3. Will do cosmos if it still hasn't arrived after 6 (need a little time to calm down as well, as not sure how polite I'd be right now!)
  4. We had a new fridge from Comet. The driver (sub contractor) arrived and refused to take away the old one, so he took the new one back with him and I was refunded (after some shouting, by them!).
    We have also had some great customer service from them.
    Ring them and make sure you get any delivery money you paid back. If it doesn't turn up today, cancel the order and got to Sainsbury's - no really. Climber did and bought exactly what he wanted for £50 less than Comet. When the screen pixillated he took it back under Sainsbury's usual returns policy - i.e. no messing around, just exchange it!

    (I hate shopping at Sainsbury's normally but have recommened them a few times for laptops)

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