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Comedy proms

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tassiegirl, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Watch it on iplayer.
    It is FANTASTIC. Especially Tim Minchin's last song - Ginger!
    Who ever hosts it next year has a lot to live up to
  2. I thought it was amazing too. I've been a fan of Tim Minchin for ages and he seems to get better and better with time.
    A very approachable Prom for anyone who's usually a bit shy of them and Beardy Man (is that right?) was rather clever too.
  3. inq


    It was brilliant - funny but with some good music too. I love the Fmajor/ F# song although it does grate on my ears! I'm tempted to download it on i-player and watch it again!
  4. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    It was a real unexpected treat. I loved it.
  5. Totally agree with all of the above comments- have recommended it to several friends today.
    I enjoyed the first Tim Minchin song too!
    An excellent way to spend an evening.
    I started off thinking "I wonder why they didn't get Bill Bailey to do it" but Tim Minchin won me over.
    I think Bill is a possibilty for next year - his orchestra programme was brilliant
  6. I tend just to watch the last night but stumbled upon last nights comedy prom. I thought it was fantastic, thank god for the BBC!
  7. Yes! It's programmes like this, and lots of other quality ones, that stop me begrudging my licence fee.
    The Bill Bailey Guide to the Orchestra was excellent. I brought the DVD and use it at work for my Level 2 students (the ones who didn't quite get their GCSEs at school). There's a lot of educational stuff in there.
    In fact, my Dream Team of teachers in my department would include Bill Bailey and Tim Minchin. Can you imagine?!
  8. Poemelectrique, if you love these two, check out the Scared Weird Little Guys and Tripod. They would also complete your ideal line up :)
  9. Thanks, I'll search them out [​IMG]
  10. Check out Paul Mc Dermott too... another Aussie, but funny and musically talented (his old stuff with the Doug Anthony AllStars is also very good)

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