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Come on, Classicists - let's try and post a bit!

Discussion in 'Classics' started by sabrinakat, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    Pretty sad that ours is the only forum with only the tes 'shutting down' sign, so let's try and revive a bit of interest in Classics!

    that said, am knackered, so not much at the moment!

    best wishes

    damnant quod non intellegunt
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  2. meganph

    meganph New commenter

    It would be amazing if people could start posting! I'm a PGCE student so any contributions would be fantastic!
  3. Geoff Thomas

    Geoff Thomas Star commenter

    I think that all of the subject forums have gone very quiet since the last changes.

    Very sad.
  4. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    I posted here in the past till I was blue in the face but to no avail. I did start one thread that got to 50 posts. It's still on the first page though and I started it years ago.

    Sic transit Gloria mundi.
  5. Incommunicado

    Incommunicado Occasional commenter

    Yes, I long for the days when we were translating songs here .... "Quantum est canis in finestra?" (Ille com coda tremente...)
  6. Incommunicado

    Incommunicado Occasional commenter

    Oooops.. sorry about the typos, but it WAS late! fenestra ***

    oh, blimey.... I'm not allowed to write the Latin for 'with' !
  7. Corrina_N

    Corrina_N New commenter

    Hello everyone! I was offered a job yesterday and will be starting in September. I am very happy indeed :) I am also a bit scared :p After having spent 10 years in higher education I guess it's time to leave and start living in the real world. A few months left on my degree and then straight into work :)
  8. Incommunicado

    Incommunicado Occasional commenter

    Congratulations, Corrina. I hope you'll be happy in your post. Can you tell us anything about it? What type of school? Subjects you'll be teaching etc?
  9. Corrina_N

    Corrina_N New commenter

    Thank you :) It's a post at an indie school near London. The department is very large, which is great cause it means I have lots of people I can learn from! I will be teaching Greek, Latin and Classical Civilisation. I don't know exactly what years yet, but I should find out in June during induction day. I am trying not to panic too much about planning, cause I need to submit my PhD, hopefully end of July, giving me a month to do some teaching prep and move. I know it's gonna be hard work at first, especially since I will have to viva for my PhD and do any corrections. So I don't think I'll get any real time off till next Easter :/ The head mentioned he might give me slightly reduced timetable, which would be amazing.
  10. Corrina_N

    Corrina_N New commenter

    Oh and I also need to buy clothes suitable for teaching. SO MUCH TO DO :eek:
  11. Geoff Thomas

    Geoff Thomas Star commenter

    How wonderful to hear that there are still schools offering all three of your subjects.
  12. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    In my own independent, I get 20% PPA or free periods, so hopefully, you will get something similar.

    Hopefully, as you are joining a large department, there will be schemes of work and resources you can borrow so you can plan on a weekly basis and not have to plan and create lessons from scratch! (In my last school, I was one of three Classicists and we shared resources; in my current one, I am the sole teacher and prepare my own SOWs but still use materials developed last year). Another great resource is the Cambridge Latin course site where there is a free (you have to upload a resource to join) teachers resource section for the CLC and GCSE (for mocks, etc). I do a bit of Greek as a lunchtime club as we are a very small school.

    ps. I would try, if possible to get that PhD sorted as you really should take a few days to relax before September (did my PhD ages ago)....

    Good luck!
    Corrina_N likes this.
  13. Corrina_N

    Corrina_N New commenter

    Yeah I think I get something similar. School works on a 2 week timetable, but if my calculations are correct I get 20% too. I hope the department is willing to share their material with me. It would definitely make my life easier :p

    I really wanna have the PhD submitted (impossible to have it viva-ed and corrected) by maybe first week of August, giving me enough time to move and relax. But based on my procrastination the past three days (since I found out I got a job basically), I sincerely doubt it :p I am also meant to be submitting an article for an edited volume by the end of August, which simply won't happen. I hope I can ask for extension, but if the editor says no, I will simply not do it.
  14. Corrina_N

    Corrina_N New commenter

  15. Corrina_N

    Corrina_N New commenter

    oh my, what have I done? lol....sorry for the double post, I don't know how to delete stuff here.
  16. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    I was viva'ed in a July after submitting in March, then had until October to make changes (I had to rewrite a couple of chapters but what was great is that I was at conference a few weeks after my viva and was able to chat with several collleagues about how to approach the rewrite, particularly as I referring to some of their articles, research!) The rewrite was easy (compared to the actual writing of the original) so it is doable when working. I was incredibly lucky in that I was offered a book contract the following year and huge chunks of my thesis were lifted over into it. That was a few years ago and I am supposed to be writing another book, but alas, no real time (I also have a 4 year old)....

    PM if you like - it's nice to have some classical colleagues, although @grumpydogwoman who is a favourite of mine over on personal did do Latin at university (I think it was her degree?!)....:)
  17. Corrina_N

    Corrina_N New commenter

    Ah you submitted early. I am needing the whole fourth year :p I tried to pm you but might have failed...let me know if you got it or maybe pm me if you can :p
  18. Corrina_N

    Corrina_N New commenter

    Hello everyone!

    I have survived my first half term! How has everyone been?

  19. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Hello from China! Our ECAs (Extra Curricula Activities) have become the CEP (Curriculum Enrichment Programme). However, I am still doing Latin again this semester, with my delightful Chinese students. They were very interested in the "statues" made from plastercasts of real people who had died in the eruption of Vesuvius. And poor old Cerberus!
  20. Corrina_N

    Corrina_N New commenter

    Hello the hippo! Great to hear your students are still enjoying Latin! I am loving teaching! It's half term now so I am back at my university preparing for my PhD viva, but I can't wait to go back! I especially enjoy teaching Greek!

    I might be traveling to China for a conference in May, but I am still contemplating whether it's worth paying half the cost of getting there (as the conference can only partially help me). I also worry that getting a visa might be rather complicated esp. since I don't live in my home country... Ah well, we'll see. But it would be cool to go to China for a conference on Ovid!

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