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come and chat in Fifi's cafe

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by miss sb, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. I know, I know - 8am was a little early...but I'd got into work to finish off my reports & the system had crashed - I was not happy.

    Anyway, I'll have whatever's on offer - who's behind the bar?? Just finished marking Year 11 coursework & I need something to help me get over the depression of reading complete waffle! I mean, have they listened to anything I've said??

    Ruby - nice to see you around - been a long time!

    Mmmm, lovely red wine in hand - finally relaxing...

  2. I have a good relationship with the HoD, think I will tell her about the vacancy and ask for some more info on the likelihood of me staying on. It's long-term sick cover - the person I'm covering for is almost definitely retiring but is yet to hand in resignation. I'll let you all know what is said tomorrow. No, I don't have babies, think I will one day though. You were talking about actual babies and not something under the code name babies weren't you? Hi Sunflower - bloody computers eh? :)
  3. I know of a very similar situation, miss sb. The person only got clearance from County Hall on the first day of the Autumn term, so there was no time to make a full-time permanent appointment. Hope you hear some good news, though. At least you can let them know that you are really interested.
    Sunflower - were you joking about them listening to you Oh, how we laugh!

  4. Bonsoir tout le monde! Sorry, I am starting early. Il y a quelqu'un?
  5. je suis là
  6. desolee, aspi - moi, j'etais au lit deja. Et maintenant je vais faire un peu de shopping. M. gorgy m'a donne un peu d'argent, Je vais m'acheter du parfum. Que fais-tu de beau aujourd'hui?
    (notice that I have failed the challenge of trying to say things in French which do not require an accent)
  7. Bonsoir! Ca va? I haven't been on the TES site for ages! What a hectic weekend I had, and this week isn't looking any better! I'm being observed by the deputy head tomorrow, it's been so long since I've been observed, I'm really not looking forward to it. How are everyone else's weeks going? Is anyone else watching Fame Academy?
  8. Not watching F.A., sorry.
    How was your day? And your observation? What about the chat with the HoD re the other job? So much to catch up on!
    Nice to see you encore une fois.
    I have had a really busy week, and tomorrow will be manic - interviewing for a post in my dept. Looking forward to meeting the candidates, getting some ideas from their lessons!
  9. The observation went well thanks - did spend about 5 times longer than normal planning the lesson though! I mentioned the other job and fished around for some information but I didn't get too much of a reaction - think I was a bit too subtle! My HoD and the DH keep making comments leading me to believe that I should definitely get the job but I would really like to know for sure though - that's just not possible malheureusement. Am fancying a biere ce soir, anyone else?
  10. un petit coup de vin pour moi et apres je vais regarder Fame Academy (Go Kim!) et Eastenders! Apres cela j'irais au lit parce que je suis fatiguee! Anyone doing anything for Comic Relief? We are doing Fame Academy at our schooland I am singing 2 become 1 with a group of Y10s and another teacher - I must be mad!!!!
  11. Om my gosh you are brave! There's no way I would EVER get up and sing in front of people! I think Adrian will win Fame Academy, I like Edith too, although Kim is the best singer. Have missed some Eastenders - did Stacey get mugged or is she lying?
  12. Hi Ms S B
    I don't know - I think that she got attacked in the minute mart.

    I son't think bravery has anything to do with it, more the fact that I am mad as a hatter and in an extremely mad moment I said that I would get involved!! I've been singing to my husband who thinks that I am great (but then again that is his job to say that!)

    I'll let you know how my foray into the whole singing in front of two hundred students goes! Am cacking it! However feel fine at the moment due to a bottle of wine!!!!!!

    Speak to you soon x

  13. Can I just say, I have only just joined the MFL forum (despite teaching languages for 7 yrs!) and I think you lot are fab - there are loads of good ideas out there - we just need to share them! Thanks and heres to lots of good times!
  14. I think so too, Marissa (rather conceitedly including myself in the "you lot" bit). Cependant, I do have one or two soucis.
    All d'abord, I have no life at all other than in Fifi's.
    Secondly, whenever anyone gets a virtual drink I feel the necessity to get one in r/l. It is worrying me a bit. I have plus drunk over the last three semaines or so qu'in the last three mois.
    Speaking of which - I cracked open a rather nice sparkly job hier soir. Je vous invite tous! (even though I think we might be all girls.
  15. Have had quite a lot to drink tonight thanks to my singing in fame academy - spice girls - two become one, as well as a rather nasty to-do with a group of y9 boys who decided to call me racist and lie about a rubber band flicking incident. You could tell they were lying because their lips were moving! Anyway, enough about that. What's everyone up to tonight?

    And Gorgybaby ... of couse I include you in the "you lot" comment - I feel glad to be part of the gang!
  16. hello!

    is there anyone out there ...?
  17. Je suis la, Marissa. Mais j'ai beaucoup a faire - lelinge etc. Aussi - i have a couple of documents a lire. There is one which talks about better preparing y9s for GCSE work - now that wouldn't be compressing the KS3 strategy into 2 years by the back door would it? Surely not!!
    Enfin. Enough about work. Qu'est-ce que tu fais de beau aujourd'hui? Moi - je me prepare pour un stage demain. Oh ****** - more work, sorry.
    I just have to get myself sorted out for the week ahead. Did anyone see or record the film on the TV a couple of nights ago? I can't remember the name but I'm watching it in bits. It's a French adaptation of The Tree of Hands by Ruth Rendell. Psychological thriller - just my kind of thing.
    Next time I see one on the TV I'll let people know, it's a shame to miss them. If you don't get the chance to go to France often I think they are great for keeping abreast of things. I don't get the chance to do anything very often as mr gorgy is a workaholic.
  18. Alors moi, helas, il faut que je travaille aujourd 'hui. Je me suis bien amusee hier et maintenant .... le travail. Got a stack of work to do but hey ho. Didn't see the film you are talking about Gorgybaby but it sounds really interesting. I watched the much more low brow Saw yesterday on DVD. It was pretty good actually. I thought it would be really horrible, but hubby wanted to watch it so there we go. Nice twist at the end which I liked. x
  19. Hi tout le monde.
    Je paie un pot pour quelqu'un?
    Marissa - please be assured I am terribly low-brow. I am so low-brow mr gorge despairs. I have had enough of being high-brow, except for sometimes.
    Je voudrais demander - qu'est-ce qu'on lit en ce moment? I am en train de The Two of Us - Sheila Hancock's story of her time with John Thaw, Wideacre by Philippa Gregory (I think) - plenty low-brow - et Atonement par Ian McEwan. Love this last one - am dragging it out so I dont't finish it too soon.
    A ma bibliotheque il y a des talking books, que j'aime beaucoup, surtout quand je fais une promenade ou quand I am ironing.
  20. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    Bonsoir à tous!

    Thankyou for the invitation, gorgy! I'll join you for a quick one, but it has to be swift as i am suffering from a back muscle that has gone into spasm, and sitting at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time sends it into a painful knot again.

    The strained muscle is the end product of a stressful school trip to France. The kids were brilliant, the coach driver was fantastic (ex history teacher who knew loads about Normandy landings so did all our history teaching / gave us guided tour etc). But we stayed at the centre from hell - cross between Fawlty Towers and one of those reality TV progs where some naive fool has taken on a grand scheme to have some hotel up and running only to find that all the guests are due to arrive, but the plumbing still insn't installed, the tiles aren't on the roof, etc. I have completed a five page letter of complaint to the travel company!

    Back soon - just got to go and supervise the dinner!

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