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come and chat in Fifi's cafe

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by miss sb, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Sounds familiar Aspi, except what seems to happen in our house is that I get in, make dinner, clear up and do dishes. I get stuff ready for work next day and sit down to watch tv with other half who has probably got in late from work and has just eaten re-heated dinner. I wash his dishes, I make our lunches for following day, all the while he is watching tv. I put on a load of washing and put away dry washing. He is now dozing on sofa. I complain about having done everything myself, he replies that he would have done it, but he was just watching the end of this programme he wanted to see. He says if I don't want to do it all, I shouldn't and he'll do it when he's ready. If I did that WE WOULDN'T GET TO BED UNTIL 3AM!!! Sorry, rant over.x
  2. OOOHHH - 10 more minutes till the end of school!!!!! Yippeee!!!!
  3. hi everyone may I come in for a drink
    I am a French and German teacher and I am absolutely knackered!!
  4. Ruby! I have looked for you on here for ages! What can I get you?
    Aspi, Miss sb - o/h need to appreciate you more, I know it's hard being with a teacher but it's harder being one! (Unless they are one in which case it's harder being and MFL one)
    I will now try to anser in the style of namaste
    Miss sb and Aspidistra - surely all one needs to do is to organise oneself in the home? If one's partner works hard and they clearly do then they would appreciate a little loving care, rather than noisy complaints. Perhaps rather than spending time on this site you should consider this.
    I love imitating people in r/l - what do you think? Namaste thinks you're a disgrace.
    Aspi - are you sure about drinking at 8.15? Even I have never had a drink that early, although I can eat anything any time. SOrry - that was gorgy talking I think I am turning into namaste. Memo to self a) mind own business, b) pour self and others in Fifi's very large rose.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Just popping in for a quick one! Fed up of being a knackered HOD!
  6. I'm so glad you corrected yourself about the drinking! I may indulge, but strictly only in teh evenings or the afternoon at weekends!

    It's been a long hard day and the first 4 of my 5 fabulous lesson plans got blown out of the water for ne reason or another this morning, so I gave up and my adorable yr 8 class this afternoon spend 45 vminutes researching vocabulary with the aid of a dictionary!! This means that next week, when I have them booked into an ICT room I need a good game that revolves around jobs: any ideas? I see it as taking the role of either a starter or a plenary to accompany a written (or should I say typed?) task about jobs.

    In the meantime..... un petit verre pour moi s'il vous plaît.

    (ps: o/h was probably right last night - I had left most of the jobs for him!)
  7. Sorry aspi - didn't mean you. Sunflower was indulging in what I noticed was a very large one at 8.15 this morning!!
    One of my PGCE students did a lot of starters for me last year - I'll have a look for you. I know one did some games, including one about jobs. I did a bit of a quiz to do with Spanish food yesterday you could do one along similar lines. If they know the jobs, you could send one outside and then put a list of jobs on the OHP. The class then decides who, in the group, would be the best policeman, teacher, banker, etc. Then the person comes back in and makes their decision. If they agree with the class - they win a point. If not - the class wins a point. Does that sound really pathetic? You can get in a bit of conditional - "Qui serait le meilleur... or the immediate future "Qui va etre..." (I hope you like the way I've modelled this for you. Sorry - force of habit! ) Remember I do know about accents but I can't do them on here.
    Exy - how are you?
  8. I like that idea, but on this occasion it was ICT games/activities that I was after! In the past I have had them using Puzzlemaker to create wordsearches/crosswords using the current vocab, and I like the stuff on languagesonline as well, but I'm always open to new ideas!

    My glass seems to be empty already - any chance of another?
  9. Miss sb isn't around, so I'll nip behind the bar, shall I?...
    There go! I've popped in a slice of lemon and a nice pink unbrella, look.
    That games site looks great, thanks.
    DO you subscribe to zut.org? Anything on there? Anything on Metro hotlinks? We have very little access to the computer room ( I'm not even going there) and we don't have an interactive w/b or anything like that.
    anything on the BBC website? Oops - didn't pour myself a drink. I hope I didn't give you the last umbrella.

  10. no, we don't "do" things we have to pay for!!

    (btw, have you seen this? http://www.parlez-vous.org)

    that dratted glass is vide again - does it have a hole in the bottom? Or just the top?

    We have extremely limited access to ICT as well, but I happened to spot a free room so I nabbed it before I had a real plan of what the class would do so now, of course, I have to come up with a relevant lesson! They are going to type up their lists of jobs vocab (focus on spelling!), but I wanted something a bit lighthearted as well as I really work this class very hard indeed normally.

  11. Hi folks! Have had some rather interesting news tonight. A school in my area is looking for an MFL teacher. At the moment I'm on long-term supply at a school (a great school I love) where there is most probably going to be a vacancy from August (and I will, therefore be in a good position). It's all a bit up in the air but I am so happy at this school. I don't think it's worth applying for this other post - qu'est-ce que vous en pensez? Une GRANDE verre pour moi GB, if you're still behind the bar.
  12. Un verre enorme, in fact! Parapluie aussi?
    How sure are you, miss sb that there will be a job? Would it hurt to get your letter updated and your CV done? I know what you mean about being happy in a school and that you don't want to consider leaving. I just wouldn't want you to ignore this opportunity and then find that this job at your current place doesn't come up after all. What are their plans?
    Aspi - I'm coming with a top-up for you too. I am being teetotal tonight, I think.
  13. About 95% sure. They have been really good to me and have gone out of their way to adapt things to my situation. Do you think I should mention to them about this vacancy, just lay all of my cards on the table? Oh la la, le vin is going down well tonight! I've been sucked into Fame Academy zut alors! What has been the best and worst moments of your school week this week then everyone?
  14. Glad you're around GB by the way, was just thinking about logging off when I saw you'd posted. :)
  15. miss sb - I would say don't rely upon anything!

    I taught 6 years in MFL, then left to have a baby and returned to supply at "my" school. I did that for 7 years which included 2 maternity covers in MFL. I was a part of the furniture, a "valued member of the team"; I went on school trips; I dug them out of loads of holes; I was open about wanting to change my status back to "Member of Staff" from "Supply Teacger".

    I knew that a colleague was intending to leave and spoke to the HOD about it. He had repeatedly told me that he would have me back in the department "proper" "like a shot" - but what happened? the Head appointed someone else the day **before** this colleague gave in her notice!!

    You really should make the move towards this other post - if only to signify to management that you are serious about wanting that contract.
  16. Oh no, aspi that's bad - the buggars! Do you think it would be worth talking to my present HoD first? Was also thinking about getting her to observe me teaching next week as she hasn't seen me teach yet.
  17. I float in and out but it is nice to have some company. What sort of relationship do you have with the HoD? I would like to think that any one of my team could and would come to me confidentially to discuss things like this. Certainly get her to observe you and maybe mention the vacancy, making it very clear indeed that you would prefer to stay where you are if the vacancy does come up. WHat is the situation? Is it long-term sickness, maternity or something like that?
    Have you got babies, miss sb, like Aspi?
    Aspi I bet the HoD went ballistic about that - what was the head thinking of? Their loss.
  18. actually, the galling thing is that he didn't! You should have seen him squirm, though, when I went to the leaving colleague's leaving do - he couldn't look me in the eye!!!

  19. ok i'm off now - totally poopysnackenburgered! (I gave that to my yr 8 this afternoon as a translation of crevée!!)

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