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come and chat in Fifi's cafe

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by miss sb, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Hey! Miss sb! How are you - a bit rough? I didn't want to put my name up for a while as i have last post on several threads - either I am taking over or so boring that no one wants to respond. (Don't tell me which, I couldn't cope with either. Anything I, with my vast experience can help with? I had a bit of a tough time last week, too, with a row with my Dad. Got me down.
    Cast has just come in from outside, Miss sb VERY black pawmarks all over cream sofa. Mummy not happy, but feels said cat is rather clever, even so. One of my friends at work hjas just got a ragdoll cat - aahh! May send old cat to Fifi's, as agreed before and get in new cat with clean paws. How are you fixed?
    Need to go to bed, now - have to be up early as much to do tomorrow. Lovely to know you are around. Please answer soon as don't want to have even more threads with me as last poster.
  2. I'll fix that for you, but mine as last can often be the kiss of death!

    I went to my daughter's parents evening earlier - her teacher (yr 1) has really got this AfL marking comments and targets off pat. I am so jealous!!! I find it hard to reconcile use of English in the ex book as I was so thoroughly trained in the "nothing but tl" school of thought.
  3. Can anyone chat in the cafe?
    I've not been in before...but I'm bored with Year 7 SOW and need a distraction and a verre de vin rouge!

    Can we gossip?
    What do you make of Namaste!?? bit odd?
  4. Bonsoir PJ! How lovely to make another friend. My feeling about Namaste is that they are very mysterious. However, if I was as good at teaching as Namaste obviously is, I would be mysterious as I wouldn't want anyone to crib my ideas. I think they must have their tongue firmly in their cheek...mustn't they? We got told off the other day for being mean about Namaste but I just don't believe that anyone can be that smug or that good (bloody hell, I am smug and good enough for anyone, surely?)
    I have seen you on here before but I don't know much about you.
    Aspi - did you mean your daughter's MFL teacher in Y1? Sorry to be dense. Heve tou seen the pedadogy DVD to do with group work? PAS UN MOT en francais. It made me wonder why I bother with TL at all.
    Miss sb - how are things with you?

  5. Thanks for the welcome, gorgybaby!
    I'll try not to be too mysterious (unlike our friend Namaste!). I've been teaching MFL for about 15 years - mainly French and a bit of German - sometimes totally over the top on Target Language, and sometimes chalk-and-talk grammar lessons!

    Love this site - really keeps me going!
  6. Me too about 15yrs but I was a late starter. Where are you? me- East Midlands. I do mostly French, too, with Spanish too. Love the site? - I'm addicted at the moment! Trouble is when everyone else is virtually drinking, I really am - just popping out for a quick one!
  7. Hi -anyone around? Just enjoying red wine - bit of a busy day, as reports have to finished by 8.30am tomorrow...still got a few more to do & need a break!
  8. Hi Ca va (obviously not given report situation. I did my last lot in record time - 54 over 2 nights, in order to get them in on time. Then - found I'd gor the date wrong and I still had another week.(and I'm the HoY!!)
    Can't you copy out some of the ones you've already done? (don't tell Namaste)
    Want me to do some for you?
  9. thanks for the offer gb - just finished - there was a little cutting & pasting...don't tell my HoD!! See you later!!

  10. Salut tout le monde! Sorry I haven't been in for a while - having a hectic week, which is quite annoying as there is really no reason why this week should have been hectic, it just seems to be one thing after another at the moment! I found myself thinking how wonderful it must be to be self-employed the other day - what would you all do if you had to start up your own business? I would definitely open a cattery...think I might buy a lottery ticket today actually...
  11. Hi Miss SB - welsome back! I'd run a little shop where you could get all those nice presents, with a wide range of stuff from all over SE Asia (where I used to teach) - silver jewellery, fabrics, wooden ornaments and the like. And attached to it would be a coffee shop with homemade cakes...

    You see, I have already thought a lot about this!!

  12. Ooh, sounds like a lovely idea Sunflower. If you do ever decide to go self-employed, I'll definitely come back to look at your goods and sample your cakes! If you needed to go back to Asia to stock up you could leave any cats you own with me at my cattery!
  13. Hi everybody,
    I would love to come to your shop, Sunflower, especially for the jewels and cakeys. I promise I would but a cakey every week. Miss sb you could maybe have a kind of creche for the cats? I can't relax when I leave mine on her own. I have brought a laser pen home for her today - she adores it.
    I would have a lovely book shop and have ut next-door to Sunflowers's shop. People could buy a book and read it in her place, over a nice cup of tea. I would read all the books I wanted - my ambition since forever. I wouldn't want any weirdos there, though. It would be very exclusive, like Fifi's.
  14. So really we need to find a lovely street somewhere with 3 empty buildings so we can begin our empire. People drop off their cats with me, get a book from GB and head along to SF for tea and cakes - purrfect (sorry, couldn't resist). I'm interested in this laser pen idea GB, I'm sure my cat would love one too, where did you get yours from?
  15. ooh, miss sb, can't tell you. Well, I will but you mustn't tell anyone else. Recent confiscation! Taken by another member of the department, passed on to my trusty sidekick Miss L, as it belongs to someone in her form. I borrowed it last night, she was having it tonight but I forgot to give it to her. She's going out tonight anyway, so she can't play with her baby. In fact, I do have 3 laser pens, but the others' batteries have gone. Never reclaimed by kids. Is that a bad thing? I'm a naughty Hod - would namaste approve? Do I talk too much? By the time I've finished everyone else has gone.
  16. Oh, GB, you don't talk too much at all - and I have a drawer-full of stuff left in my room by kids...nothing worth anything though!!
  17. Yeay! SOmeone else is around when i am! (which is all the time as I am very sad. VERY tough day today - kid phoned parent on (banned )mobile as had been threatened by other kids. Parents came rushing along - no appt, and baying for blood.I was called as no one else could be found (clearly not true - obviously gorgy only person likely to be able to deal) HUGE dad in corridor, surrounded by hundreds of kids. Probably the most potentially dangerous situation I have ever dealt with. Managed to get Dad into an office and calm him down. Learned new word - TONK as in "God Miss X's Dad is TONK !"(= huge, I presume). I am less than 5'(but make up in width). Interviewing for head's job today, so was power-dressed in my long black hippy chick number - I think that was the clincher. I was only missing some spangly silver jewellery from?? Sunflower?
    Sunflower you clearly need to develop your confiscatory skills! Pastoral TWALT surely dictates that you only bother confiscating things which may be of personal use. Oh except that I also got a dart (yes a dart) today. Even as we speak it is sitting on my trusty sidekick Miss L's desk. Went straight from altercation with Daddy Tonk to teachingn class from hell. Good Lord, no wonder gorgy has had a few. Large rose OK for you, Sunflower?
  18. can I have one too please?

    just came close to a row with o/h - apparantly I'm not doing enough around the house and have had to listen to the dishwasher being loaded with loud crashes, bangs, mutterings and swearing..........because I've been in here making worksheets for tomorrow's classes not in the kitchen clearing up after the yummy dinner I made us.

    Can I give up and become a full time housewife, please? Then he might start smiling at me again!! (and his smile melts my .... - no, too much information there I think!:) )
  19. all gon eto bed already then? (Or are you watching tv?)

    I'm off now - Thurs is my "long day" - will try to drop in tomorrow evening.

    Have a good one.

  20. GB - when do you hear about your job? Did you get it?

    I'll have the rose now, SB (8.15am) - huge day ahead - might need it!!!

    Mmm, confiscating - well, I did have an ipod last week, but gave it back - silly me!!!

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