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come and chat in Fifi's cafe

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by miss sb, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Hee hee, had the exact same situation the other day - was playing who wants to be a millionaire with a S3 (Y9) class - questions in Eng about France, one of which was about the animal which appears on the French rugby top - one of the options being '****' - bloody teenagers! What's the difficult thing you have to deal with, or can't you go into that? Don't you find cats always want to climb on you when you're reading/writing/typing/doing anything which uses both hands so you are defenseless to their attacks!
  2. The best thing about inset is coffee and biscuits and then dept time where you actually get stuff done. Had an inset recently when had had a very late night before it - resulting in me doing the eyes closing...head falling...WOOSH head up eyes wide open...head falling...eyes closing... - constantly for an hour until the session was over. Could see the Dept Head frowning at me!
  3. Just a pastoral issue which is a bit delicate, so won't say too much - especially as, like you I think I partage a little trop. Anyone reading this would know me immediately - firstly everyone knows I like cats, and then I am gorgeous and a babe.
    Yes - absolutely, cat has sixth sense when it comes to being in a hurry/ needing to get something done. She does it deliberately.
  4. Well good luck with that, will pop in to Fifi's tomorrow - hope to see you there. Got to go now - Mr SB is demanding attention - I thought only woman were allowed to flutter eyelashes and use wide-eyed charm to get their own way! A bientot x
  5. Aspi - liked your post about being dumped. I would never have let my teachers know anything like that, although from the sound of it it was a bit public. I heard some kids today discussing which of them was a virgin! Year 9s!! Bloody hell I am and I'm 44.
    Thanks for your company aspi and miss sb. Getting shoulder ache as cat is still on lap and I am very uncomfy. Need to go. Night night.
  6. I'm a trifle worried about "partage trop" - I dispute the "trop" vehemently. 2 or 3 glasses over a properly cooked dinner does not seem excessive to me, but I concede that a (single) colleague recently told me (proudly) that she opened 1 bottle of wine a fortnight. I probably boil the alcohol out of that quantity each week! All thinga, as they say, are relative.
  7. GB - hope your 'issue' got worked out this morning - thinking about you!

    My kids have been great so far today - something in the water?? No, they're normally nice, but this is exceptional - one of my yr10 just thanked me for a great lesson!!!! Made my day - maybe I should open the vin rouge maintenant...but it's only morning break!!

    See you all later!!

  8. Just been playing Millionaire with my yr9 lot - I own a million euros!! Drinks on me later!!!


  9. Just had a phone call - don't bother going in for the last bit of INSET this afternoon - it has been cancelled and all staff are going home at 1.00.

  10. Oh, Aspi - lucky you!! Enjoy your free afternoon! Just got yr7s this afternoon, so that's nice!

  11. lucky you aspi! I too gagné-d a million euros yesterday - good website that mfl games! Have you tried www.realfrench.net yet for games? You choose which vocab is put into each game. Have had a strange morning so far. Have had a free period, which I spent pottering around. Had a cover lesson, S5 (Y12?) - mostly kids I hadn't met before and most of whom stared at me as is I was completely mad coming into THEIR classroom and telling THEM what to do - and do I not realise I have three heads and eight legs? Have got a meeting with member of SMT later on - hope it goes ok - lots to discuss! Think my favourite class has changed again, today I like my S3 German class (Y10). I think my favourite generally seems to be the class I don't teach on that particular day!
  12. Bonsoir! C'est le week-end! Anyone fancy a quick boisson of some sort?
  13. Yoo hoo! Il y a quelqu'un? Sorry, Miss sb, not around last night - had to visit aged pere. How are things? I have just been having a bit of a rant on another thread - really need a drink, but it's a little early. Think I'll just have a cuppa and get a bit of marking done - saving myself for later...
  14. hey GB, did you get any marking done? I've had a bit of a hectic weekend, can't believe it's Sunday already.
  15. Hi Miss - yes, marking all done. I try to mark very regularly, so that there is less to get through each time. I still have tons to do, though - I have had many applications in for a job and not had a chance to look at the latest ones, so I need to decide who to send for references for. The governors are interviewing this week for a new head so there are exciting times cominng up for us at work, I am interviewing the week after.
    I also have a load of pastoral work to do, plus my main task of the weekend, which is always the ironing!
    What else has been going on for you? I was going to an art exhibition but when I dug out the invite I realised that it finishes at 2pm and I just haven't got the time to get there, so I am really cross with myself.
    The weather is beautiful here, so I might plug myself in to a talking book and go for a walk to have a look at all the posh houses - then back for more work and more ironing.
  16. salut!

    sorry I've not been in - son's birthday party yesterday (7 boys dropped off at 9.45, taken out to local science discovery centre, brought home for pizza and cake then collected at 3.30); daughter to birthday party this morning - washing, supervising homework etc!!!

    how is everyone? I'm pleased gb's having nice weather : it is grey with snow flurries again here and teh wind is biting.

    Mine's un demi s'il vous plait. Et une croque monsieur if it isn't too late?
  17. Unfortunately I was a teeny bit previous with the weather comment. It's snowing now!!
    Sounds like a bit of a hectic day, Aspi. What say you to a bit of a relax?
    I have been checking out one or two other threads - wowee, what rows are going on elsewhere!
    I would like to say that I would never ever upset anyone deliberately, but I do think that the anonymnity of this kind of forum, without backup of bodylanguage, tone of voice etc, can lead to problems. I can't cope with upsetting anyone - I always end up being more upset than they are. I did wonder if you Miss sb and co had all gone somewhere more interesting last night! Nice to see you back. I really must do some work, especially since my walk has been postponed.
  18. ooh. I love a good row. Who? which forum? about what?
  19. Now come on, aspi. I'm not one for a gossip, as you well know, but...
    The post about the clique has got a bit nasty. I have seen posts form both of the people concerned and they both seem lovely, kind and interesting.
    There are a couple of sharp ones in MFL as well - one about marketing/take-up of MFL has a bit of strop on. Seriously, at work I tend to keep myself to myself a lot and keep out of any rows. The job is stressful enough without getting involved in arguments.
    *Pours a nice large one for aspi*
    Really must go for a bit. Have a look and let me know what you think - but please let's not fall out here! I have really enjoyed being around here (except for last night when everyone else was out and about doing interesting things!).

  20. Sorry I haven't been in for a while - having a bit of a bad time with family stuff at the mo. Feeling a bit better about everything tonight though. I'm just about to go and check out these arguments! I had been keeping up with the clique arguement last week - it was getting a bit nasty last time I checked! Have got a parents' evening this week, fortunately not many of my students' parents can be ***** to come in and see me! I'm not sure if it's the anti-climax after the snow last week, but I'm feeling quite lethargic and restless this week - anyone else feel the same?
    *she reaches over and pours a LARGE glass of white wine and begins to wratch around for something to mange.*

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