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come and chat in Fifi's cafe

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by miss sb, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Did she go all shrill as well? I do and it amuses them no end! I get really cross but I can't stay cross for long - someone I like can usually get round me. I am so inconsistent.
    Aspi - you sound as if you're not too keen on the little ones. I really like teaching 7,8 and 9.
  2. They are lovely - it is just that I miss KS4. Especially as I examine every summer, I'd like to do some relevant teaching!
  3. Sorry, aspi - i keep on posting and losing them (unless these posts are appearing randomly all over the place!). I think I'm going to call it a night. Bon courage pour tomorrow.
  4. Morning tout le monde! Busy this morning, but just thought I'd let you know...plus de neige ici a Londres!
  5. Bonsoir sunflower. Comment ca va tout le monde? Bonne journee or what?
    Me- can't talk until I've few the cat and had a rather large drink. A tout a l'heure.
  6. FED the cat. Oops I obviously started drinking too early
  7. salut gorgyb, ooh, you have un chat, I love love love chats. That's my back-up plan for when I a)get sick of teaching or b)win the lottery - I'm going to open a cattery. Just me and cats...
    I haven't put anyone off talking to me now have I? Damn, I always partage too much too soon. I'm going to bet behind the bar to pour a large glass of rose, anyone interested in joining me?
  8. Salut Miss sb! sorry I've been so long - cooking dinner. Have you eaten? I've brought my vin in - can I top you up?
    You can have my chat if you like. She'll soon put you off them for life. SHe is really naughty and I'm afraid I am exactement comme all those awful parents we know and love. WHenever she's bad I sasy no no no and then look on, smirking indulgently.
    Do you not have a chat en ce moment? I couldn't be without one, she's seriously good fun. How was your day?
  9. Yep, I've got a lovely fluffy ginger cat. He's sooo mignon and chubby and friendly. He's getting on a bit now so has lost his mischevious edge and I miss it a bit to be honest! Does your chat want to come and stay at Fifi's cafe for her hols? Good day thanks. Am really enjoying my new job! Yours? Oui, j'ai deja mange (eek, not great french without accents!)
  10. Salut mes chères. Ca va? C'était comment aujourd'hui?

    J'ai enseigné mes classes, j'ai assisté à mes meetings, j'ai retrouvé mes enfants à 18 heures, je les ai donnés à manger, j'ai lu avec la petite, j'ai fait les spellings avec le grand, je les ai envoyés au lit, j'ai éteint les lampes, j'ai ouvert une boiuteille de Soave, j'ai fait un gâteau d'anniversaire pour la fête de mon fils (qui aura lieu samedi) et maintenant je prépare le dîner pour moi et mon mari.

    Occupée? Moi?

    (Do you wonder I always seem to have a glass on teh go when I'm here?)

  11. Honte, honte, honte, aspi, tu me donnes honte! not seulement parce que tu as fait tellement today, mais les accents! Tous corrects, tous en place! I am a demon speller mais I can't spell on here (pourquoi, je me demande?)
    Au debut j'ai demande a miss sb de ne pas avoir a considerer les accents mais now j'ai honte, especially as brettgirl has just very roundly told me and various others off for being mal ranges. (quick debate with self re agreement -moi, female therefore e a la fin, others - unsure, therefore leave off e - but plural so s. Please don't think I don't know the rules just because I can't be bothered to do the accents.
  12. can't help myself! I spent so long learning here they are on teh keypad that I just have to do it!

    Gotta go - beeper tells me the potatoes and beans are ready, so I have to cook the fish!

    à plus tard

    :) Asp
  13. Miss sb - do I know about your new job? Tell us about it? Bad cat is being very good pour l'instant. she's just cooking up something bad to do when Mr Gorgy gets home later. Are you sure about her invite? She will keep you on your toes, for sure!
  14. sorry about the delay in reply - just had an accident involving a bowl of Haagen daaz and aforementioned 'unmischevious' cat! Think he must have taken exception to my description of him! Would just like to say - I still haven't figured out how to work the accents using the alt key - I'm not just awful at spelling! Honest :) Aaagh, my computer is doing something strange...
  15. cats are not stupid. miss sb, you should know that! I am sitting with mine on her cushion on my lap and I really could do with another drink. If you could possibly oblige... you know that once they're on you can't get them off.
    My usual would be lovely - large rose please, thanks
  16. You've got great taste GB - cats and rose wine - two of my favourite things! I'll just open another bottle. Oh, forgot to tell you about my job - I'm on a temporary contract - left permanent job at end of last term because of...a few 'issues'. My new school is an absolute dream - smaller classes, nicer kids, lovely staff, great department, lots of resources, closer to home...the list goes on. I find myself walking around with a big smile on my face! AND, lundi matins aren't as bad any more!
  17. Miss sb - can I work at your school please if the kids are that lovely? Mine's OK (only been there sice Sept and the "littles" are great but my yr 10 tutor group.....aaaaargh!!!!)

    So - there's 15 minutes 'till ER. What's on your mind this evening?
  18. Don't get me wrong aspi - we do have our share of crackers at this school, it just happens that the classes I have are very nice. They aren't perfect by any means, think it might just be in comparison to the kids I taught before (he/she-devils). Just thinking about how quickly this week has gone and looking forward to the weekend. And payday. Tell me about your day.
  19. Good for you, say me and chat. I have been in jobs which I hated and there sometimes seems no end to it, doesn't there? I am happy in my job, too, although wherever you are teaching mfl is pretty exhausting. Oh, chat is on the move. Bit of a stompXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXZZZZZZZZZZZZGFffffffffffkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk over the keyboard, then settling down again.
    Me, I'm pretty glad it's Friday. I have a difficult issue to deal with in the morning, and then one of my not-too-bad days. What else can I tell you?
    Begin tomorrow with Year 9 set 4 naughties - paroxysms of laughter because I said "****" in the lesson ( in a completely innocent context , I hasten to add). I have told them to find out what puerile means as part of their homework. Can't remember who else I've got - might have to busk the rest of the day. Bad example - naughty gorgy.
  20. Mine was fine. (Almost) everyone was well behaved. We had one incident in y9 where a boy was "dumped" DURING the lesson, if you please. Quiet otherwise.

    Tomorrow is going to be even better, though! I only teach one lesson on a Friday - lesson 5 from 1.40 to 2.40. But tomorrow is INset!!! So, I have to go in for an hour's "training". The serious stuff will be in the morning and it will be dept time (so much more useful!) in the pm.


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