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come and chat in Fifi's cafe

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by miss sb, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. oh....and, yes, gb, I am culinary - any questions, any ideas, just ask...
  2. Incommunicado

    Incommunicado Established commenter

    Hey Gorgy... ALWAYS highlight your message and do a Ctrl + C to copy it, before clicking on Submit Your Post..... then you can paste it in again if it goes missing.

  3. Sorry to have left so suddenly last night folks. Thanks for closing up for me Inc. I'll probably pop in at lunchtime today to make sure you're getting good service. Have a nice matin everyone, I'll be in for some dejeuner later. Est-ce qu'il neige chez vous?
  4. Hi, anyone in? I'll just makwe myself a coffee then - should I heat up the grill for a quick snackette for anyone?

    Is there any of that rosé left in the fridge for later, or should I stick some in?
  5. hi Ap. Just stopped in on my way home from work - fed-up because of the neige - it took me twice as long as usual to get home. Think we'll have to crack open another bouteille or two of the old rose later(still haven't mastered accents yet, alt+?). How was l'ecole today?
  6. Hi - just put the kids to bed and am free for a bit.

    Ecole was fine - observed by Deputy Head who was horrified at the flex form the OHP training across my room - suggested that I might need a data projector mounted on the cieling and linked to the computer (which ICT took to fix in January anf=d haven't returned yet!!)

    Classes were all lovely today; I do like Wednesdays - maybe because I finish at 1.00??

    Tomorrow is my "long" day - meeting at 8.10, 5 lessons and then more meetings after school. Yuk! The worst bit is that my 2 have to stay at their schools til 6.00 which makes me feel like a lousy mother!

  7. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    What a really incongruous photo of Nice, aspidistra. You'd almost think it was some kind of mock up. Online newspapers are great, aren't they. I'm not currently teaching VI form, but I recall how difficult it used to be to get up to the minute materials. Things like "Libération" online for French have made life so much easier, as well as TV5 on satellite/ cable. They have really trasnfromed the job of the mfl teacher over the last 10 years. BTW this café is rather quiet this evening.
  8. Bonsoir Smoothnewt. It is rather quiet - maybe people are marking? Afraid I don't have such an excuse for neglecting the cafe, I've just been lazing around watching rubbish tv. Now that I'm here though, might have a quick glass of vin and a wee snack of some sort, any ideas? Then I'm definitely going to have to go for a bath. Agree with you about the online newspapers etc - very useful. Which languages do you teach?
  9. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    Your Wednesday sounds rather like mine, aspidistra: both my top sets, and then free time! Thursday is my worst: bottom set year 9, then lowish ability year 10, then even lower ability year 10, and then year 11. Got year 11 parents'eve tomorrow, so will have to dash home and get youngest daughter's tea, and dash back for 5pm (supposed to be there for 4.30 but tough!). Some days the juggling is all a bit too much. Still I have the impression the my girls do respect the fact that I hold down a job, compared to some of their friends who have stay at home mums.
  10. Don't know how you both manage! I find it hard coming home and cooking for/cleaning up after myself and my partner! I've got a nice day tomorrow, then Friday is even better. Today was my worst day, just because it's always hectic. Desperate Housewives later though - yey, mindless twaddle!
  11. Well, as it's so quiet tonight, think I'll go for a bath and mark some Higher French work, might pop back in later though. Ciou!
  12. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    hi miss sb!

    Good to make your acquaintance. I teach French, but like aspidistra, also have Italian, but don't teach it, to my chagrin. Hélas! How about you? Yes, I'm about to slob in front of the box. There's "The Apprentice" which was very entertaining last week, and I'll be watching "Jamie's school dinners" as it is set at the school where I was a pupil myself, where my nephew is currently in yr11. He isn't terribly impressed with the improved cuisine. I said to him: " So I won't see you on TV in the school canteen tucking in then?" He said that I might see him being interviewed at the local chippy where he sometimes goes for his lunch. So I'll look out for him!

    These café chat ideas are great, but my computer doesn't let me make many posts. I'll do one or two, and then it says "too many people are logged on... wait your turn..." which is very frustrating. My laptop at work doesn't seem to operate in the same way. Does anyone else get that message?
  13. never seen that one, smoothnewt! Mind you, we got Broadband a few weeks ago and at times it seems even slower than the dialup used to be!

    I would give my eye teeth (well, no, actually, they were extracted when I was a child, but I'd give a lot!) to have yr 10 or 11! At the mo I only have yrs 7 (5 of them), 8 (top set) and 9 (sets 2 and 4 of 4). Oh well, maybe we will have enough for a y10 next September!

    Qui a faim? Would you like me to busy myself in the kitchen? I have a very nice Caponata (Sicilian version of ratatouille) going begging and there's a bit of beef in beer left (Carbonnade I suppose if you are being posh)

  14. Bonsoir - just enjoying a glass of vin rouge...am supposed to be preparing my Year 12 unit on 'la presse' for tomorrow...has anyone got a nice worksheet on how to read French newspapers - newspaper vocab etc?

    Just had fajitas for dinner - delicieux!

    Sunflower :)
  15. Bonsoir tout le monde!
    Trying again to post, incommunicado, thanks for the tip, will try that - have already lost one tonight.
    La neige - il n'y en a plus, but in any case we have never ever fermed, ever. Today - ecole across the road - ferme. Last year - neige - ecole next-door ferme. Nous? Never. Ce n'est pas juste, a mon avis. Still, qui ever said la vie was juste?
    Can i get anyone a pot? Grand (enorme, actually) rose for moi.
  16. Can't help I'm afraid - haven't had the opportunity to teach A level for more years that I can remember (not because I resemble a toad but because I gave up f/t MFL for a few years to raise my children).

    Were the fajitas chicken, beef, seafood or just vege? I like chicken best myself, with loads of guacamole and sour cream. And a nice chilled bottle of course!!

    We had the aforementioned caponata with some fresh bread. No, we aren't vege (far from it!), but its one of those dishes that doesn't seem to "need" a meat accompaniment.
  17. sorry - crossed with gorgy.

    yeah - I'll have a glass please.
  18. Me too! Much needed. How was your day, aspi? Et toi, Sunflower? What news?
  19. I was observed by Deputy Head who was horrified at the flex from my OHP trailing across the floor aand suggested I might need a data projector mounted on the ceiling. I took the opportunity to advise her that my computer was taken away for repair at Christmas and hasn't been heard of since! But, yes, I'd find a data projector much easier that an OHP.

    She then proceeded to bo**ock my yr 9 class for not showing me enough respect - I went all pink!!!!

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