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come and chat in Fifi's cafe

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by miss sb, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. I'm not sure how many of you mfl folks go to Bauble's bar in the 'Personal' staffroom, but it's a great place to chat randomly. I was thinking we could maybe bring the idea to this forum and give it an mfl twist? Anyone fancy un cafe au lait? (how do you do accents by the way? Do you have to use alt?)
  2. I'm not sure how many of you mfl folks go to Bauble's bar in the 'Personal' staffroom, but it's a great place to chat randomly. I was thinking we could maybe bring the idea to this forum and give it an mfl twist? Anyone fancy un cafe au lait? (how do you do accents by the way? Do you have to use alt?)
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    é, ô, û, ä - yes, alt+ .... does it!
    Does this cafe serve chocolate con churros by any chance? I know it's a breakfast dish in Spain but I could become a regular customer after a supply day teaching MFL!
  4. Ooh, sounds interesting J - what are they exactly? I'm sure I could get some from old Juan's cashncarry! Would a pain au chocolat do for now?
  5. How lovely! I have never been to Bauble's - too shy. As far as churros y chocolate go - Green and Black's organic choc choc and plain doughnuts to dip would be fine. Want me to bring some?
    Can we not bother with accents? I just tried and logged myself off. Where are you, Miss sb?

  6. Sorry, was through the back looking for my special chocolat chaud ingredients. If you wouldn't mind GG - you bring the doughnuts and you can have one of my special hot chocolates. Do you prefer having the TV on or music?
  7. Sorry, I'm really unmusical. Is there anything on the telly? Or shall we just chat?
  8. nothing much on tv. Was watching Eastenders earlier but that's finished now, and it wasn't up to much anyway. Which languages are you then G? What's your school like (without giving too much away :))
  9. can I join in? Or are you exclusive?
  10. Bien sur A. What can I get you? In true Parisien cafe stylee we offer halves of lager cheap. Or would you prefer to try a pastry? Tell us about yourself.
  11. Just lost my reply to miss sb, sorry.
    Aspidistra - of course not exclusive (well, only in a good way - right miss sb?
    I teach in an 11-14 school, mostly fine, kids funny. We teach French Spanish and German.
    Aspy - am I right in thinking that you are reasonably culinary? Any ideas for my tea (I have hjad churros y chocolate in here already, but looking for something a little more substantial.
  12. what about you, miss sb?
    Qu'est-ce que tu nous dis de beau?
  13. At this hour I'd like a pichet of rosé s'il vous plaît et quelquechose à croquer - avez-vous des petits biscuits au fromage? ou des cacahuètes?
  14. Dammit, the coffee machine isn't working. Looks like 1664, vin or chocolat chaud now. French and German, (not much German), 11-18, nice classes (most of the time), nice department. Quite lucky really. Have just started at this school and am just on temporary contract though :-( What's your favourite class at the moment everyone? Mine changes all the time.
  15. vin will do well for me.

    11-18 (in theory at least) school in a rundown area of a south central town; just out of special measures; subject not rated by SLG; French and Italian specialisms (not used the Italian since I trained in 1990- though, but I live in hope); passionate about almost everything Fr/It.

    gotta pop out for a bit now (CSI is just starting) - will be back later!
  16. I was busy having a go at my set from hell the other day - set 4 - they know I hate them. I said to them that I feel as if I am always moaning and nagging at them. I just will not accept poor behaviour, and said I didn't believe they behaved like this with everyone, or they would just be nagged all the time. They assured me they were much worse elsewhere! (didn't know whether to rire ou pleurer.
    I have two gorgeous Year 7 set 1s - and absolute delight.
    I did another post on here just now but I lost it. Is it me or does that happen to everyone?

  17. Hasn't happened to me recently but I do believe it happens de temps en temps. My favourites at the mo are probably my S2s (Y8). Got to go and sort out Mr SBs tea now. A bientot.
  18. Merci Aspi, Miss sb - a demain, probably.
  19. Salut! Vin rouge pour moi please!! Gorgybaby, I've got a class of Yr 9 who said exactly the same thing to me this week...

    Sunflower :)
  20. I'm back. I typed a whole long spiel about my school and it vanished! ***** alors! Porca madonna!

    I'll have another go tomorrow, but if you will all excuse me, I have to retire now: briefing at 8.10 17 and a half miles away means I have to leave the house by 7.15, so my bed is calling.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening - see you tomorrow? I'm ususally good for a coffee when I get home soon after 4.00. Mine's an espresso, please, with a "toast" of proscuitto cotto e formaggio if you can manage it. (If not, a café with a croque monsieur will do).

    Bonne nuit. Buona notte,

    Sogni d'oro a tutti.

    Asp ;)

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