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Combining teaching and little ones..

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Mharhi7, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. How is it? I trained as a primary teacher ten years ago and am presently a stay at home mum. I am
    thinking of returning to teaching. I am trying to think of pros and

    Money, of course
    Rewarding, inspiring
    Fits in school hours (well not really but in theory)

    worried though, remember how teaching feels like, similar to mothering-
    the responsibility, the paperwork...how do you ever switch of from
    children? (IYKWIM)

    OK I was an NQT but remember after school I needed the time to plan/ have a rest/ wine!
    How do you ever have the patience, or time, to fit in your own children at the end of the day?

    So would you (or not) recommend combining teaching primary and having little ones?

    possibly need to go in volunteer at ds' school, as had a particularly
    difficult last experience teaching. I taught in the school hall
    (reception children) which was separate from the school, no toilets for
    the little ones and very little TA support. It has put me off a bit and
    am just looking for a little support before having another go I guess!

    In my area there is huge competition for jobs just now and NQTs are going for HLTA jobs. I was also wondering about that.
    Someone suggested supply, I guess that might be a good idea. A few years back the induction time needed to be completed within 5 yrs but I don't think this is still the case. Not sure if i could go straight into supply though.
    I have basically had this one part time contract in which I got pregnant and left, it was really stressful with no support, teaching in a hall with madly, also no furniture... I wonder if I'd need to use a reference from there or could use the reference from the training college.
    Any advice from those teaching with babies/toddlers. esp in early yrs/KS1
  2. Hi thanks Clematis for your reply. I think HLTA or a little supply might be the way to go to start with. I think maybe the problem is I'm thinking how I feel after being with a two year old at the end of the day and it is quite different once they get to school age. I met a dad recently who had just finished his PGCE andwas going to work as a HLTA- apparentky round here there are over 200 applicants for each teaching post at the moment and sp NQTs are going for more TA posts. Thanks again and all the best.
    Also, hope my post didn't come across as saying teachers must be grumpy mums in the evenings, I get quite grumpy in the evenings after seeing them all day and can't wait for dp to take over at bathtime sometimes! I get quite easily stressed and overwhelmed and wish could be very organised with the children but like to go with the flow a bit...anyway thanks again..[​IMG]

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