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Combined subjects

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Des Techno, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Des Techno

    Des Techno New commenter

    We are currently running a carousel system with DT, Art, Food, Textiles and graphics.

    Levels for all subjects are averaged and then reported to pupils and parents.

    This means we teach NC Art and NC DT and report one joint level through the year and at the end.

    • Art has different level descriptors to DT.
    • Students do not revisit subjects once they have spent x lessons in the subject.

    This means I could be passed a level that was awarded by another teacher in a different NC subject and be expected to improve it

    Any thoughts?

  2. splinters

    splinters Established commenter

    Averaged levels are fine for parents to digest but I would expect to see the grades for each subject specialism especially if it formed part of my professional review and a basis for my personal targets.
  3. Andy Mitchell

    Andy Mitchell New commenter

    This is a non-problem created entirely by the school I suspect. Firstly, you are running a carousel system which for many years has been derided my most including Ofsted, QCDA (when it existed) and most LA Advisers when there were such people! Secondly, art and design and design and technology are two separate subjects, as you say with totally different National Curriculum PoSs. o I guess you could say that an amount of time is shared between the two subjects as is the case with all subjects but it does not have to be organised a on a carousel. Thirdly, the requirement supported by advice from pretty much any expert or body you choose to refer to is 'don't use levels!' In any case, there are no published levels for any NC subject now so I'm guessing you have created your own. Which begs the question 'why?' And I'm guessing that you have one of those SMTs who are hopelessly failing to cope and can not keep up with the pace of education reform, instead they inflict ridiculous demands on their staff. Shocking!
    In response to the inevitable question what could we use instead of levels? Then as a starting point, look at what we put together by way of advice in the NC section of the D&T Association website and then for a possible way forward, the Teachers Guide to the Key Resources materials - again available free. That should provide you with more than enough to create a far more useful system. Become well versed in the issues, requirements and advice and then have real fun taking the more recalcitrant staff in your school to the cleaners. :)
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