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colour printing in coursework

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by hantssheep, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. sorry if this has been posted before - couldn't find any links.
    Do you feel it is important for students to be allowed to print graphics coursework in colour as they go along? or, would you only allow them a 2 week window at the end of the coursework to print everything once it's been checked and okayed for printing?
    Ongoing dilemma/battle which needs to be resolved.
    Anyone help?
  2. Electronic submissions have to be the way forward. How anyone can justify the waste of printing out projects then throwing away thousands of pounds worth of resources once the grades have been awarded is beyond me.
    All awarding bodies agreed to PowerPoint based submissions many years ago. Why is it taking so long to filter down to schools?
  3. I am using electronic PP for A level BUT have had issues with closure of nternet to all for a month due to virus, no use of mem sticks at all now and the problem of how pupils can transfer their massive files to school when the email boxes are so small. I think it is a matter of capacity AND few of the markers were able to accept them.

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