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Collegiate hours when part-time teacher

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by Cosmic girl, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Thanks for your reply milkandchalk - I'm aware we have to do the pro-rata collegiate hours it's just how my job-share partner can do that when she doesn't work the days we have our meetings? I guess she'll probably have to come in for them or do extra in-service days or something.

    Thanks anyway, was hoping there would be others in a similar situation.
  2. I work part-time, and in August when the staff meetings and collegiate nights are drawn up, my share are scheduled for days when I work, so that I can do my share when I already have childcare in place.
  3. It's a bit complicated because we have 2 collegiate nights (Tues and Wed) so at the moment my job share works Mon and Tues and attends the Tues night meetings. I go to Wed night collegiates as I work 0.6 Wed - Fri. But when my days change my job share will work Thurs and Fri and therefore will be unable to go to any meetings.

    Thanks to all who've replied with their situations - much appreciated.
  4. I am in a similar situation to you, Cosmic Girl. My school also has two collegiate evenings (Tues and Wed) but I'm part-time (0.6), not job-share and don't have a 'partner'. My collegiate hours work out to 114 per session.
    Your partner will also have work her collegiate hours, whatever they may be. I do sometimes have the problem that I am expected to attend both evenings because they occur during my working days. Sometimes my HT and PT can be a bit snippy when I tell them I'm not attending a meeting. Sometimes, they're not relevant and sometimes childcare is an issue, if I've not had any prior warning.
    However, it should be established at the beginning of the school session (thru' agreement) which days you will attend and which days she attends so as to make up your collegiate hours. She will have to come to some agreement with you. She cannot simply say that she doesn't work those days so cannot attend, She also has collegiate responsibility - for herself!
    Hope that helps! It can be an awkward situation but the school should really be the ones to sort this out. You shouldn't be 'left to carry the can'.

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