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College falsifying exam results

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by BACKSTOP, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. This was happening at a college I worked at all the time, the curriculum manager encouraged staff to sign off work that had not been completed by students, reason to gain achievement payments. At one time the caretaker yes the caretaker was signing students off. Since leaving the college for other reasons I attempted to bring these people to account, and guess what the dept. for business and innovation have said the government cannot interfere in the way of achievement payments made to the college. Is this right if so the whole system is wide open to fraud with no one made accountable, can I take this anywhere else
  2. ...yes, report these *** to the LA, or at least get some advice on their whistleblowing policy.
    ...why should they get away with such fraud and in any case, you would be doing others a favour by exposing such disgraceful so called professionals.
    ...let me tell you, such behaviour is rife amongst schools/colleges...I have seen it myself and TBH went down the road of discussing with "certain" people to expose the fraud.
    ...it isnt right for this sort of thing to be happening, but it does.
    ...if you have the evidence and its strong then expose them, but be prepared for a backlash as colleges/schools have highly paid lawyers to defend such matters.
    ...that said, all LAs have whistleblowing procedures and they are there for a reason
  3. Thanks for the advice, I have evidence and have been threatened by the college solicitor if I disclose it, needless to say I have told him what to do. I reported this to David Cameron before he came to power and he assured me these people would be made accountable to date nothings happened

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