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Collapsing academy trust ‘asset-stripped its schools of millions’

Discussion in 'Education news' started by blazer, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

  2. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    The previous month, it had emerged that the trust had paid almost £440,000 to IT and clerking companies owned by Ramsay and his daughter. In a statement at the time, the trust said internal vetting procedures had found that the contracts represented the best value.

    Although serious questions have been raised about financial management, there is no suggestion of fraudulent activity.

    No, of course not. Not a hint of fraudulent activity.

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  3. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    It makes you cry!
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  4. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

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  5. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    How many times have teachers asked for proper financial accountability for these "Trusts"?
    Funny word that, there seem to be more and more times that trust is the last thing you can do with them.
    Teachers languish under heavy handed compliance while some of the finances seem very 'relaxed'.
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  6. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    School I'm at is in a MAT with serious financial questions over it. The complaints procedure is a joke as the end result is...


    The MAT
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  7. schoolsout4summer

    schoolsout4summer Star commenter

    Nothing wrong with this at all. All legal and above board. It's just normal business practice. Fill your boots.
    We voted for this sort of thing, so what's not to like?
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  8. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    An objective view would be that these things were set up without stringent safeguards in place by a select few within the DofE.

    The first people to rush towards such things are those who lack integrity and whom abuse professional standards of morality to take money earmarked for the education of children and remove it into private hands.

    I think it is worth stating that there are some trusts, MATs and academies where professional standards have ensured that the lack of safeguards has not led to behaviour that is contrary the values of the profession.

    We are left with a two tier system which lacks the safeguards needed to protect both workers and children from being exploited for financial gain through legal though unethical system control.

    The profession would prefer there to be better safeguards and yet cannot engineer these into their own system. This suggests the levers of power to regulate the system should not be in the hands of a select few in the DofE, but rather in the hands of a transparent quango with full representation from different parts of the sector.

    I really would like to see stronger policy from opposition MPs on this sort of thing. Not policies to inflict on people in education, but policies to protect it from abuse.
  9. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    Of all the similar reports I have read of MATs & their financial 'mismanagement', this one has made me the most angry (followed by the Perry beeches scandal).
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  10. chelsea2

    chelsea2 Star commenter

    This says everything about what is wrong with the MAT system:

    “We are not football teams. We are not part of the transfer market, where we can be transferred from one multi-academy trust to another,” Kincaid said last week. “It’s not good enough.”

    No - this is children's futures and people's jobs being used as collateral damage by people with no integrity.
  11. PeterQuint

    PeterQuint Lead commenter

    I have a contact at one of the schools.

    Last term they were told that in future all orders with suppliers had to go through the trust. The schools couldn’t order things themselves.

    Their main provider of educational supplies is a company called YPO, who are now refusing to take any more orders from either trust or it’s schools as it is owed money by the trust.

    Apparently basics are in short supply. A local union rep told me that one school was down to its last five glue sticks.
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  12. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Have to wonder what'll happen when the wages aren't paid?
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  13. irs1054

    irs1054 Star commenter

    The DofE has never been regarded as an effective management organisation and yet it thinks it can oversee these Trusts remotely.

    What is the saying that ignorance produces most arrogance?

    And this is all public money we are talking about here.
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  14. Alldone

    Alldone Senior commenter

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  15. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Semantic derogation...taking a word and flipping its meaning into its actual opposite or a very negative loaded meaning different from that which was originally intended. So 'academy' now implies a lack of academic rigour and corruption, money scamming and an unhealthy obsession with branded signage. Similarly, 'academy trust' does indeed now suggest 'nest of thriving vipers' or the phrase 'wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.' Or her. Or them.
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  16. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Tories. OUT. Now!
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  17. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Blimey it sounds like the title of an Alan Bennett monologue. A scathing attack on the parlous state of UK funding failures and corruptions in academies:

    The Final Five Glue Sticks.
  18. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Not people with no integrity. BELLS! Big, wavy, shiny bells which clatter loudly and create carnage wherever they dong!
  19. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    I agree with you, but most quangoes are rubbish anyway, they also cost a bomb to set up and fund, we managed fine without any of this creappe for decades, plus the quango would itself invariably corrupt itself. I remember the FEFC, so I know all about the stuffups of well meaning but toothless quangoes. Councils generally care about their kid sin their boroughs. Bring back LEA control, much more funding and add cash incentives from central government as extras if pass rates in the borough go up each year. Don't take money off teachers, alienate them, freeze their pay or force them out because of bullying, unstable pay transference, inability to relocate and obessessive pointless PM. Less is more.
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  20. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    It is no comfort at all to the readers of this site or the teachers of England, but there is one positive in all the nonsense that occurs in education over there: England provides a crystal clear example to other jurisdictions throughout the world of what not to do. We have people here pushing the same idiocy, but this site gives us the information to fight back. I don’t just read it. I also send links to people who make decisions about education here with the aim of keeping the carpetbaggers out of the system. I can’t say my links are opened by everyone I send them to, but I can say we have defeated or at least held off a number of mad ideas: e.g., academies, multi-academy trusts, free schools, performance pay, variations in pay and conditions school by school, OFSTED-type bodies and marking teachers’ marking – to be followed, I expect, by marking the marking of teachers’ marking!

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