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Collaberative Mental Challenge Number 1. Mirror Twins.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by weebecka, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. 'lo.
    A few of you sound like you are needing a slightly off task challenge. So here's one you can work on as a group.
    The basic challenge is - Mirror Twins - how does that happen then?
    It's a puzzle that's been in my family for generations, since my great-grandma was midwife/post natal nurse to a very famous pair of mirror twins (see if you can puzzle out who they were. One of them knew a bit about breaking records. The other was murdered by the IRA).
    As usual, anyone who make a useful contribution will get a smiley stamp. The winner gets a virtual luxury holiday to a tropical island (well - the get a picture of a palm tree and a picture of a plane.....).
    lol Weebecka
  2. <strike>Collaberative</strike> Collaborative [​IMG]
  3. I cheated and googled [​IMG]. Thought I knew but I didn't when I checked. Won't post a spoiler on who they were.
  4. I wouldn't trust google if I were you. I'm not sure google even knows what Mirror twins are.....
    You could always PM me and I'll tell you're right or not.
  5. I suspect you found this:

    image twins are created when the fertilised egg splits quite late (around
    days 9-12), any later and twins can be co-joined.

    which is not true.
    My mum (in my avatar) carried this family mystery in her head all her life - she was inspired to become a geneticist by it, completing a pre-DNA PhD which involved breeding lots of spiders. When we were little there were cupboards full of test tubes with dried little black dots in.
    It's funny to see the above written down, because it was her best guess as to what was going on but it was only a guess and it wasn't right.
    So - we have some interim questions -
    1. What are mirror twins?
    2. Who were the famous mirror twins I'm talking about (might be difficult for the under 30s)?
    3. What causes handedness?
    Smiley stickers for any fair attempts at any of these questions.....
  6. My sister's ex was a mirror twin, and he was right handed and his brother was left handed. Is that what's meant by a mirror twin?
    I also heard - though this could be b****cks - that left handers are part of a set of mirror twins, the right hander amongst them having died? Not sure if that's true though. There are comparatively lots of left handers in my family (including me) so is left handedness genetic?

    No idea about famous twins.
  7. [​IMG]
    Were he and his brother identical or non-identical?
  8. Any thoughts anyone?
    Are you saying you think all the left handers were originally twin pregnancies waterworld?
  9. The famous twins are Norris & Ross McWhirter I think. I remember this from Norris being on Record Breakers with Roy Castle when I was little. I wonder how they explain that twins can be genetic because that means there should be a specific gene that will crop up a few times amongst families where there are a few sets of twins rather than twins just being a natural fluke.
  10. [​IMG]
    Top of the class tonight mousee. They were indeed.
    I'm very impressed. I never heard it reported anywhere that they were mirror twins but they were. It's very obvious in a photo of my great-grandma with them where they are sucking opposite thumbs!
    I'm off to bed. I'll leave the rest of the big question with you all.
  11. This is the bit I was answering not the mirror twins bit:)
  12. Ross and Norris were (or are) my husbands 3rd cousins. We went on to have identical twin boys but I am lead to believe the gentics involved in having twins is paced down the female line so for us just a fluke? I am also left handed and the rest of my family (parents, siblings, cousins etc) are all right handed. I dont think I was part of a twin but my younger brother was born with a fused twin placenta so they suspected his twin had died early in the pregnancy. All very interesting isnt it?
  13. [​IMG]
    If I remember rightly it is more common to get mirror twins than it is to get identical twins who are both left handed.

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