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Coleraine Pgce Primary!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ashalee801, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hey all! I've recently achieved a place in Coleraine for Primary education , which I strt in August. I have started a forum Topic for those who will also be in my classes, to get chatting before we begin! Has everyone began their reading yet or doing any further reading? Any concerns?
    I'm super excited but very nervous!
  2. Hi, I also have a place on the PGCE. I've ordered my books off amazon, just today actually. I am hoping to get down to some serious reading in the next few weeks, as i am moving over to Ireland from England in 3 weeks so will have more time on my hands then. I am really excited also, but nervous too as i'm not too sure what to expect. The forum is a really good idea, so we all kind of get to know each other before we start.
  3. Hiya...im starting coleraine PGCE primary aswell, tomorrow can you believe it! Im nervous but still excited [​IMG] Do you know anyone else that will be on the course, I know no-one as yet.Pretty annoyed I only saw these posts now! Have you got through all the books that we had to buy? xo

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