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Discussion in 'Personal' started by Mrs Peel, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. ...B4STARDS!!!!
    Can't decide which is worse ...
    the big spready ones that make you feel like a total freak
    or the little ones that don't look so bad but drill and bore their way into your deep into your face and throb and hurt and hurt and really bl00dy hurt!!

    (Guess which I've got right now - two of the little bu99ers!)
  2. I've just been emailed the photos from a do I went to at the weekend and all you can see is the hideous maroon crust on my upper lip.
    I hate them. I don't know if they're worse in the huge swollen throbbing stage, the slimy dead-skin-sloughing stage or the crusty purply black stage.
  3. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    oo, I've never had one and am quite queasy at having read you two
    Back to watching CSI for something less gruesome!
  4. I'm really prone to coldsores too-I always get them when I'm rundown.
  5. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Right.....Google 'Swedish Bitters' (Maybe find linked to Maria Treben....health through God's pharmacy/garden?)....you may be able to buy it ready made...we buy the herbs and add them to clear alcohol and leave in a sunny place until ready....
    These bitters will last for ages!
    Use a cotton bud soaked in bitters to dab your cold-sore. It will sting like all the demons of hell are attacking it - you will scream in agony - but trust me, no cold-sore has ever lasted more than 24 hours on this regime!...can also be dabbed onto mouth ulcers.
    Swedish Bitters are amazing - we use them on cuts/grazes (it's a fantastic antiseptic....and only stings gently on grazes!) or as a very effective garge against sore throats (strongly diluted and never, ever swallowed)
  6. oliverferret

    oliverferret New commenter

    I zap mine at the first sign of a tingle with a combination of tea tree oil and ancyclivor cream - usually stops them developing if caught early enough. The worse ones are the one's I get up my nose -AGONY!!
  7. At the first hint of tiredness or stress Im bound to get a Coldsore but I swear by Zovirax Coldsore Plasters. They cover them up in both the slimy stage and the scab, they're really good at drying them out aswell. And I dont worry about accidently knocking them in my sleep and giving myself more which I always used to do.
    And on a vain note you can see them less and on pictures hardly at all!!
    Or if I want to get rid quick I just rip the slime of and put loads of TCP under (stings like a B###H) and that gets rid within a day if you do it a few times! Not very good for you though!
  8. If you get them very often............................I had at least one huge one (every month) that was the size of half my lip ( even my Doctor said I looked "deformed" - thanks Doc !) and I had pain in my glands and all along my face and eye.
    A consultant prescribed Aciclovir tablets (2 a day, every day) and touch wood I`ve not had one for years [​IMG]. It`s really made a difference to my health and confidence.
    GP`s don`t like to prescribe it tho - maybe the cost !!
  9. I bought one of those infared zappers from Boots. They are about £35 but really seem to have quick results. Also, people have reported that it has reduced the number of cold sores they get.
  10. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    I've always found that adding extra shredded carrot helps

    (We are talking coleslaw?)
  11. bed

    bed New commenter

    They're on their way out for now - thanks to zovirax-type creme donated by sympathetic little sister - about half the price of real zovirax - just how much mark-up do these drug companies make? !!
    And they don't look too hideous because they're the drillliiiinnnnnnggggg kind - I just know they'll be back if I'm not careful and don't go to bed early, stay off the wine, and not get stressed... ...
    so they'll be back then .... of course

    little b4stards
    but at least I can talk and eat properly without it all hurting like a b1tch

    Swedish thingy sounds interesting - but not too keen on the pain side of it - never really gone in for masochism
    more of a softee "please stop hurting" kind of girl


  12. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    I don't get as many any more but in the past I have had really bad cases of the ***. The worst ones are ones on your nose. They look horrible and it tends to come when you have a cold and need to blow your nose constantly...typical.
    I once had a really bad cold (maybe real flu but I'm not one to use the flu word for a cold!) and I literally had them all over my face. I even had them on my scalp. Yuck. At least people could see that I'd really been poorly when I got back to work after a couple of days off as I still looked like something from a horror film.
  13. Don't know why but for some reason I've had a spate this year after not having any to speak of for years. I'm supposing my immune system is compromised in some way (probably from an alcohol deficiency).
    Any way I am back to using my Virulite machine (I purchased a new one because the old one was well over three years old and I wasn't sure it was going to be effective). And if anyone is interested it works for me far better than than that cream on its own.


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