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Cognita schools and fees remission for the children of staff

Discussion in 'Independent' started by speaker2, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. speaker2

    speaker2 New commenter

    Why would you take a salary reduction in exchange for fee remission in this case? Can you elaborate on how much of your salary you have sacrificed gross against how much they have offered against that as fee remission over and above the normal fee remission? Why not take the normal salary then pay the fees out of that? I expect there is a tax advantage or something? I'm just interested to know how this works. Also, did you suggest it, or did they?

    Just out of interest too, do Cognita pay classsroom teachers more than point 6 of the teacher's pay scale if they are expereienced teachers who would normally have gone to UPS scale in stae sector?None of their adverts really mention salary.
  2. Thanks for sharing - that's good to know. Good luck with your new job.
  3. Cognita are not a good employer. they do not allow you to move beyond M6 on the salary scale and they have no communication with staff in their schools leaving us feeling very isolated and unvalued. The promised financial investments have come to nothing and their sick pay is absolutely appalling. Beware!!!
  4. Are you from croydon?

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