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Discussion in 'Personal' started by coalwoman57, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Not keen on any 'cola' myself, but it works well as a cleaner in many unexpected places!

  2. SleighBelle

    SleighBelle Occasional commenter

    Yes, I used the Nigella recipe too! As for the treacle, I got a spoonful and kinda drizzled it all over as it dripped from the spoon. The ham was still warm so it kinda melted and loosened up and could be spread around with a clean finger. The spoon just dislodged the cloves.
    Our 2.5kg ham had all but disappeared after one day with a hungry family of 8!
  3. That's what I did. I smeared the spoon with a little oil that stopped the treacle sticking too much. I then criss-crossed the treacle across the ham.
  4. I once did a blind tasting test with a class using a range of colas - including Coca Cola and Pepsi. Before the test Coca Cola was the kids' favourite brand.

    It came last. (Tesco won!)
  5. I did this in my GCSE Food lessons. We had tescos value, sainsbury's own and coca cola, only a few could tel the difference. Interesting really.
    JSY x
  6. I see my problem. Cold ham (cooked it the day before), cold house (no heating) and cold treacle. Will try some warmth next time! All my cloves came out.
  7. Dekka, I may have trouble picking pepsi and diet coke from others in a blind taste test but I ALWAYS know if it is real coke.
    Apparently in the USA some cop cars carry the concentrate of it in their cars to wash the blood off the road at RTA's So the rumour mill goes, anyway!
  8. I'll hazard a guess that the pupils in my taste test didn't have anywhere near as sophisticated a palate as yours then. ;)

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