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Coca-Cola Challenge - anybody heard of or done this?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by lyoung84, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. I'm trying to get opinions about the Coca-Cola Challenge, as I'm considering trying it myself with my GCSE group.

    Has anybody done it before, or been put off for any reason?

  2. are you talking about the one in yorkshire? If so I am going to do it this year, there is some training in july at the factory in wakefield about it.
  3. Yes have done it in York with a group of non business studies Y10s a couple of years ago - not sure if the format has changed since then. Anyway, it was great,everyone enjoyed it and got a lot from the day. It was very well organised.
  4. cookie9

    cookie9 New commenter

    Yes - did it this year with selected year 10 and 11 and in addition with year 13. Well organised and all students enjoyed the day.
  5. Yes, I was looking for info on the one in Yorkshire. Do you have any contact details? My google search wasn't that successful!

    Thanks for your help guys x
  6. I'm pretty sure that the one we went ot was organised in conjunction with nybep - contact details below:
    Spitfire House
    Aviator Court
    YO30 4UZ

    Email: info@nybep.org.uk
    Tel: 01904 693632
    Fax: 01904 693070
    Hope this helps
  7. twirlygirl

    twirlygirl New commenter

    do you have to be from a school in Yorkshire?
  8. I think its open to all schools in the yorkshire and humber region, the initial events for teachers are on 1st and 17th july in wakefield, and the comp for the kids runs in september with the kids submitting their entry at the begining of october, and the finals in november. the contact details i have are admin@compactebs.com

    Any probs let me know
  9. I got the latest latte magazine the other day and it has a whole article about the Coca-cola challenge 2007 - worth a look.

    I copied this link from the tutor2u web site, which I think should take you to the right page.

  10. If a team got through to the regional finals how strict are the students are in Year 10 or Year 11, a couple of students have dropped out and wouldnt mind taking some Year 11's
    Anyone know anything about this?
  11. I have info for coca cola real business challenge 2011 linked to olympics if you would like it? Email me for more info.

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