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Clothes for returning to work

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by noemie, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    Oh for goodness' sake, if a school can't make an exception for pregnant women then really! What matters is that you are comfortable, and if they can't understand that then I'd get my union in! Tights need to be maternity, which are hard enough to find and costly, so get whatever you find.
    Have they done a risk assessment for you? If not, make them include loose-fitting clothing, that should cover it!
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My children are Summer babies (May and June) and I wore leggings and flip flops to work towards the end of my pregnancies! No-one said anything.
    How about getting a maxi dress? Then it solves the tights issue, and means no-one can see what you have on your feet either!
    I think black, navy or natural toghts would be fine, but if i were you i'd probably go for leggings as they're more comfortable. You could always wear ankle boots with them, and then they wouldn't look much different to really thick tights.
    I'm not pregnant, but I have some dresses that are too short for tights so that's what i'll be doing this Autumn!
  3. Teacherindisguise

    Teacherindisguise New commenter

    Thanks for the support ladies, I think I will just go with the leggings and see what happens. Maxi dresses are a no-no as they are a health and safety issue [​IMG]
  4. We have 2 duties a day!! Break time for 10 mins, and then after school by the buses. I'm on the school field for the break time one. On a normal breaktime if I have detentions I struggle tbh with detentions, duty and making it to the loo so will just have to see how it goes I think!
  5. I am 37 weeks pregnant and am lucky in that I only have to go back into school for the 2 training days next week. Prior to the summer holiday, when I was getting quite large, I had 2 dresses, one pair of maternity trousers and 3 or 4 different tops. I was lucky, my school was great -risk assessment was done as soon as I told them I was pregnant- which I believe should be the case legally -all the more the case if you are working in an environment where you could come into contact with hazardous substances> We have a school nurse and she was the person who went through mine -you need to think about potential hazards you might encounter and draw their attention to these, if they do not. Alternatively, if you are unsure who should be doing your risk assessment, I would ask your Headteacher- they should be able to tell you.It may well be someone like a deputy or Assistant Head who has pastoral responsibility for staff. I agree with other comments-they will have to make allowances for the fact you are pregnant-you cannot be expected to wear suits etc at this time-as long as you look relatively smart and importantly are comfortable. As regards your duties, you should be relieved of these in the latter stages of pregnancy, your duties should be lightened towards the end -even if it means that senior managers have to do them instead. Sometimes people need to be reminded that you cannot be expected to do everything you usually would do whilst pregnant: people who have not been through it may not actually realise some of your extra needs at this time and may think you are just being awkward. Eg school sports day for me prior to end of term, although i was given a non field job, after being given a hard stool to sit on for the day with no thought about toilet access, it was also then questioned by a member of staff why at the end of the day I did not stand around in the car park waiting for parents. I reminded them politely but forcefully that I was 30 weeks pregnant and should not be expected to do this. They apologised. Remember, you have partial responsibility for for own health and safety, put yourself and your baby first and they have a LEGAL as well as moral duty to ensure you are not exposed to forseeable risk. Stand up for yourself and be a bit pushy if you need to. Best of luck!
  6. In response to original post Navy tights or leggings!!
    I am not planning on buying maternity trousers just long tops as last time I was pregnant I bought elasticated material bits that you put on your trousers to expand them and they were great! They are like a triangle shape and you can expand and expand them and triangle bit covers exposed bit! Saves a fortune too! My maternity trousers (2 pairs) from last time are all jeans as I wasn't teaching then and had no need for smart trousers. Best value and fit I have found are from Next BTW!

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