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Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by captain_picard, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. captain_picard

    captain_picard New commenter

    I'm a new HoD in a big department and there are lots of cliques, which I know is inevitable, but it's quite a frosty atmosphere at times. In particular, the TLR holders often don't talk to the rest of the department, only each other. Any ideas on how to create a 'team spirit'?

  2. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    Could the TLR holders each have a little slot to lead in Dept meetings? Maybe then the others could see their role and feel more able to approach them about issues, and the TLR holders realise that is part of their role within the larger Dept.
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  3. Mr_G_ICT

    Mr_G_ICT New commenter

    what about something simple like cakey-breaky. this way the whole department can get together and chat(avoid work and talk about each other). what is the rooming like?(are all the clique's in the rooms next to each other. is the "department office" set up in a way that all can get in there and work?

    I like the idea of department meetings, if you can get all to "bring something to the party", then it becomes less HoD talks everyone listens, and more "we're in it together"

    All i'd say is if you are a New HoD, unless the department is in serious need of improvement(you see something you just can't leave), spend the first term(at least) watching, listening and thinking(who are the people you need to win over) - and make changes slowly.

    good luck(this is one of the things i find the hardest)
  4. captain_picard

    captain_picard New commenter

    Many thanks for your replies! I'll certainly take your advice on board.

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