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Clinically extremely vulnerable supply teachers

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by molly2007, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. molly2007

    molly2007 New commenter

    I am working part time in Sheffield as a supply teacher and I am classed as extremely vulnerable all of my supply agencies are saying it is safe to to work in a school. I am not wholly convinced. I need to be working as I cannot afford not to. Yet the government's plans are not clear for me.
  2. agathamorse

    agathamorse Senior commenter

    It's up to you. Clinically extremely vulnerable teachers are back at work. It's not ideal, but it is the government's standpoint.
  3. Jonntyboy

    Jonntyboy Lead commenter

    Be as careful as possible. Always keep your distance and explain your position to the kids - 99% will be sympathetic. Always clean surfaces, wash your hands often and use sanitiser. Teach outside if allowed/possible or at least in rooms with many open windows.
    Any kids that cough or look ill - even if you think it's only a cold, which it likely will be - you must ask to leave.

    I know that I appear not to be worried overmuch about Covid - I'm not, where I live, for lots of good reasons, one being that only 6 people have died from Covid in the whole of North Staffs Health Area since last December - but I still accept that for a very small number of people it can be very bad, even deadly. Like flu can in winter. (Like all viruses, come to that).

    Plus, try to be rational and reduce worry. Worry and stress wears down the immune system. Get out in the sun as much as possible, and if you can't do that or if it becomes not sunny take vitamin D3 - at least 25 mcg a day in tablet form. Also supplement with zinc. Eat properly, and drink plenty - in fact drink lots and lots, especially at school - Covid finds it hard to stick to very moist tissue in the early stages, so it is vital not to have a dry throat for vulnerable people.

    Look at ALL sides of the coin - the videos and articles that promote panic and doomsday and those that refute it. The truth is not always witb the majority: consider Galileo and many others in history who have been mocked and scorned by vested interests for preaching unpalatable truths.
  4. Only Me

    Only Me New commenter

    As a supply teacher - you have the ideal opportunity to remain at the front of the class - ideally by a window. Keep your mask on as much as possible and say your prayers. Schools may not want you if you pose high risk though.

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