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Clingfilm in the oven???

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by dee_23, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Hi there cooking experts,

    I want to try baking Nigella's Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake as it sounds amazing... however, the recipe tells you to line the loaf tin with clingfilm to bake it in the oven. Is this safe? Will the clingfilm melt? I'm too scared to try myself before getting advice in case I set off smoke alarms!
  2. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    This is what the FSA says:

    <h1>Cling film</h1>

    Thursday 2 May 2002


    Is cling film safe to use and should you avoid using it in certain situations? Find out more.

    <a name="h_61817">[/URL][​IMG]
    <h3>Is cling film safe to use?</h3>

    but like all things it must be used correctly. The Food Standards
    Agency has issued advice to consumers on using cling film safely. We
    have also made recommendations to manufacturers on labelling their
    products to help consumers use them properly.

    Back to top

    <a name="h_61819">[/URL][​IMG]
    <h3>Should I avoid using it in certain situations?</h3>

    Agency advises that not every cling film is suitable for all uses. The
    following points are aimed at protecting the quality and taste of food
    from easily avoidable migration from cling films, and preventing
    inappropriate use of films.

    • Do not use cling films where they may melt into the food, such as in conventional ovens or with pots and pans on cooker hobs.
    • When re-heating or cooking food in a microwave oven ensure that the cling film does not touch the food.
    • Only
      use cling film in contact with high fat foods when the manufacturer's
      advice states it is suitable for this. Examples of high fat foods
      include some types of cheese, raw meats with a layer of fat, fried
      meats, pastry products, and cakes with butter icing or chocolate


    Personally I would not use the clingfilm you buy in a supermarket for this, but I think the catering industry standard one may be safe to use. Not sure as I will need to check further.

  3. No, it will be fine.
    You can use cling film in your microwave too (not foil though [​IMG])
  4. I think Nigella talks about this in the actual recipe - she seems to suggest that it's fine.
    I'm a bit dubious, but then I'm still a bit disconcerted by roasting bags, to be honest. However, if Nigella says it's OK then I'd be inclined to give it a go, but I'd make sure I was using decent quality clingfilm - Lakeland for example.
  5. wellingtonboot

    wellingtonboot New commenter

  6. Ok, I was brave and tried it - oven smelt a bit funny but clingfilm didn't melt and cake was lovely! Think I will invest in some greaseproof paper for future baking though as I was so stressed when it was cooking! Thanks for all your advice
  7. YOY


    Never tried that recipe, but can I recommend the use of baking parchment? Don't know what the technical difference is between that and greaseproof, but parchment is about the same price in any old tesco/sainsbo's etc and just much much better!

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