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Clerk to Governors Salary

Discussion in 'Governors' started by redruth, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Could you please advise on an appropriate rate of pay for the Clerk to Governors of a secondary school (Academy).

    I have been Clerk to the School for the past 10 years providing a full clerking service as you would expect. Over that time the number of meetings I clerk has increased from around 15 to 35 per year, full Board plus 5 committees as well as being of greater length and complexity particularly as the school has become an academy. I also clerk any other ad hoc meetings, e.g. exclusions, staffing, appeals etc.

    I have asked for the salary to be reviewed as it has not changed in the 10 years and the governors are happy to consider this but have asked for guidance on an appropriate rate. Although I have searched the web looking at other similar posts I have found an enormous pay range which makes it difficult to know what to suggest. I am currently paid £1200 but the range appears to be closer to £2000 to £2500. I thoroughly enjoy the job so I am not looking to create any difficulties over this but I rather suspect that my reliability and flexibility over the years has proved my downfall - I have attended anything and everything over the years when asked but not unnaturally it tends to be a bit taken for granted.

    Everything I have read re-iterates the fact that academies have the freedom to set their own salary rates as they feel appropriate.
  2. How many hours work do you do per year?
  3. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    £1,200!!! They're taking advantage of you, to put it mildy!
    You say "salary" which implies you are an employee with a contract of employment, however the rest of your post sounds as if you are a self-employed indepenedent contractor. Can you clarify your status.
    As reilloc suggests, starting point is to work out how many hours a year you work and base your proposal on that. The problem with comparators is that the work done by clerks varies widely, not only on things like whther they clerk committees and one-off panels, but also whether they give advice or just note-take. It may not have dawned on your GB that every full GB can take you 8-10 hours of work or more.
    I suggest you also post your question on the UK Governors Forum (register then post it in the Clerks Forum). There are quite a few Clerks there who've regularly raised similar questions

  4. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    My LA charges around £270 per meeting so based on your 35 meetings that would be a cost to the school of £9450.

    However, I believe that the LA only pay their clerks £10 per hour basing each meeting on five hours work, which equates to £1750 to the clerk. You clearly seem to be underpaid, and one might argue that you are being paid under the minimum wage.
  5. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Bear in mind though that is is presumably what they are paid as employees - the LA is paying all the on-costs on top, employers NI, pension contributions, cost of holiday pay, sickness schemes etc etc plus all the materials and equipment and place to work. If OP is an independent self-employed contractor the equivalent hourly rate to be in the same position as an LA employee receiving £10 ph would need to be much higher. I don't know how much, +50%? more maybe?
    It's also not comparable because normally the 5 hours only includes the attendance etc outside of the LA clerks normal working day. If in fact it takes longer than 5 hours, or if the clerk also has to do follow up work or investigate things for the GB, LA clerks do this in their normal working hours when they are being paid an annual salary. Independent clerks need to be cautious about using the LA's estimates of time, they aren't necessarily the actual time their clerks spend. If Independent clerks underestimate time they work unpaid, LA clerks don't!
  6. Thank you all for some interesting posts.
    I was employed by the school through the local authority originally on an honorarium but that changed a couple of years ago so the post became eligible for pension contributions (it wasn't before that). When the school became an academy I became an employee of the academy trust.
    In terms of meetings I estimate I work about 180 hours a year plus an additional 60 probably in the support paperwork/guidance/facilitating etc. Full governing body meetings take around 6 hours each and committees 5 each.
    I provide what I would describe as the full clerking service in terms of support behind the scenes in updating membership, organising elections, circulating information, providing advice, networking, I'm not just a minute taker.
  7. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Seems that you have goodwill on your side so if you can present an appropriately researched and analysed case you should get your proposal accepted - in the big scheme of things it isn't a large cash sum if you are in a secondary academy.
    So 180 + 60 = 240 hours pa approx. Even cleaning tables in a burger bar at minimum wage (£6.19ph) would get you nearly £1,500!
    Who would you compare your skill level with among school support staff? Look up job adverts to get an idea of salaries on offer and calculate their average hourly rate, and go from there. eg, round my way I've seen job ads for full time school office administrators at £27k - £30k, which equates to something like £15 - £17ph. On your 240 hours that's c. £3,600 - £4,100 pa.

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