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Clearing out

Discussion in 'Personal' started by florapost, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. i know i'm not the only one here who spent the summer holidays reducing the amount of 'stuff' in their house (hi pobble!) - but do others have a desparate need to tidy and chuck at christmas? - i think it's to compensate for all the new stuff that's come in
    anyway, i'm feeling remarkably smug, having tidied and reduced the contents of all my kitchen drawers and cupboards - bar the food cupboards - but we have a january policy of eating our way through those and only then re-stocking - and a mini-assault on the bookcases as we have new books to accommodate
    has its downsides mind - i put on some hand cream i found at the back of a bedroom drawer and eurgh, is it over-scented
  2. Yeah, I'm the same. I cant stand clutter, however, I have lots of it thanks to my husband and daughter and now my mum, who we've had to move in with us. We are bursting at the seams. I've been attempting to have a clear out whilst hubby and daughter are away for the weekend, but it's almost impossible, because most of the "stuff" is theirs and I feel I cant just chuck it. My hubby in particular is loathe to throw anything away; he even still has his school text books!!!. We have LOADS of books, again thanks to hubby. He cant stop buying stuff off ebay, so yet more clutter.
    Even our shed and attic are cluttered ... with my mum's stuff. We've had our house on the market for a few weeks because we need to move to a larger property after moving my mum and her stuff in. We are way too overcrowded. SAdly, the housing market is as dead as a dodo.
    In another life, I'm sure I'm a minimalist.
  3. ..............................Love that idea! I'd probably forget that it was in the loft though. Why is it so hard to chuck your own stuff out but not someone elses?
  4. I only decluttered today because we were moving the rest of the old house stuiff into the new house. Unlike my husband who moves everything THEN declutters which drives me mad - declutter first and then it's less for my poor back to take!
  5. Because we have an attachment to our own stuff and not the stuff of others!

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