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Clearblue fertility Monitor- still low on cd 15?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ilovetheweekend, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. I did nt have that. If it helps on my first go, I had low until cycle day 11 whichwas then high from cd12 up until cd18, I then had my peak on cd19 and back to low on cd 20. I also had cycles of an average 29 days. Peaking on cd 19 was much later than my standard poas ovulation tests showed me and when I thought I was ovulating. I did read that sometimes in your first month it does use that month to almost get used to you and your cycle, and to not worry. Check the book and cbfm web site has a help page that I used alot!
    sorry I cant be more help.
  2. It's nothing to worry about.....CBFM taught me that I OV on CD 19-20.....so I get lows till about CD15. Also, first time round it needs to get used to your hormones so may not be as accurate as next month.
  3. Thanks for the replies- still low today on cd16- guess i can only wait and see what happens... hate not being in control thugh!

    Smiley x
  4. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Get used to it if you're hoping to get pg and have a baby!! [​IMG]

    Good luck x

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