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Cleaning baby's toys?!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Wylfie, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Wylfie

    Wylfie New commenter

    One silly question coming up.....

    I have a 9 week old and was wondering how I should be cleaning the toys she is playing with (rattles, play gym, soft toys) if at all, especially the ones going near her mouth!

    I have some Milton wipes, are these ok to use or is there anything else? What about the play mat as she has taken a liking to licking everything :)

    Thanks guys x
  2. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Not a silly question at all!
    My LO is nearly 6 months. I clean her soft toys if she soaks them with saliva or is sick on them (most are machine wahsable so just stick them in a wash). Plastic toys get a wipe over with Dettol every couple of weeks. This came up in converstaion with some mum friends of mine recently and most said they didn't bother at all so I wouldn't worry! At the children's centre play sessions we go to I've seen the staff wiping toys with Milton wipes at the end, so I'm sure they're fine to use. I did pick up some toys off Freecycle last week and they were absolutely filthy, caked in old food and dirt so they went straight into a 60 degree wash but LO happily plays with them now.
    Play mat- mine is sort of wipe-clean material ie not soft cotton, so I Dettol it when there's sick or dribble on it. Some are machine washable though x
  3. I dettol everything and wipe anything she plays with at baby groups. I am sure others think I am over-protective but there must be germs WAITING on those baby group toys! Anything washable goes in the machine, everything else gets disinfected with dettol!
  4. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    I really don't clean them unless they are looking really dirty! With the soft ones I do clean them (with a baby wipe) if he's sick or dribbly- I've put one of his mats in the machine today as he was sick on it. I do have to soak his fabric book as I spilt a glass of wine on it at a birthday party- oops! I can't decide if I'm a 'let them eat dirt' kind of person or am just plain lazy :) I am very careful with his bottles though as I understand the bacteria that grows from milk can be particularly nasty. He's nearly 6 months and hasn't been ill yet so I can't be doing that badly!
  5. I'm a bit of both personally [​IMG] I believe that a bit of dirt never hurt anyone, and am living proof of it actually, having grown up in a "lived in" house (one that many people would have called dirty) My house now is cleaner than the one I grew up in, but the lazy person inside refuses to wipe every little thing she touches. Especially now she's walking and is now eating dirt in the garden, sand, etc. I was a bit more concerned when she was smaller, but once she started crawling there seemed very little point.
  6. I don't clean toys religiously- I am a bit of both too. We let her scrabble around in the dirt outside- never going to be an over protective mum type who never lets her ingest any germs as I do believe it's good for the immune system. I do try and keep the carpets clean at home and won't let her touch bins or toilets etc but have no qualms about her mouthing toys at baby groups etc. If something has been puked on it goes int he washing machine, and I do wipe things if they look dirty.
  7. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I'm either laid back, or just very lazy. I did used to sterilise the bottles that I used for expressing. But, I don't think I really bothered with anything else.
    Fabric stuff got bunged in the washing machine if it looked dirty or she'd been sick on it. Plastic stuff occasionally got washed - bowl of warm water and washing up liquid. But it would have to look dirty for me to do that.
    I never bothered with milton, dettox or any of that stuff. Cariadlet was always a pretty healthy baby and toddler - I think a bit of dirt, or a few germs just boosts kids' immune systems.
  8. Every so often stuff gets chucked in the washing machine / sink of soapy water. I'm happy enough for hium to stick things in his mouth at rhyme time or babygroups. MIL doesn't let him use the instruments though when she takes him - it makes him really cross! I might get her a packet of milton wipes and see if she'll allow him to join in then!
    His hands are always on the floor so I suppose I should be more worried about keeping those clean!

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